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At CSG, we help each student develop the skills and strategies necessary to realize her unique academic, physical, emotional, and social potential.

Our school counselors work with students to foster social skills, conflict resolution, and resilience skills. By taking a holistic approach to wellness and tending to the needs of the whole child, we help instill in our students core competencies that serve them in the classroom and beyond: effective communication, analytical thinking, balance, leadership, global thinking, and creative problem solving. 

Laying the foundation

Children in the PYC through Form V meet weekly with Counselor Betsy Esser to work on social skills. Lower School students engage with the Youth Yoga Project and Wellity curriculum throughout their time in Lower School. In Form V, every student completes the Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX) program, which focuses on on team building, healthy communication, dealing with bullying, healthy relationships, navigating social media, body image, support systems, safety and violence prevention, stress and coping, academic and career development, and leadership. 

PYC student in gym
Building on fundamentals

Middle- and Upper School students regularly participate in Advisory groups with Counselor Brittany Harrison and their Faculty Advisors. In addition, they also meet with the Director of the Center for Girls’ and Young Women’s Leadership, Dr. Emily Krichbaum, intermittently throughout the school year. Advisory covers everything from socio-emotional development to study skills, giving students the tools they need to succeed at CSG and beyond. In addition to continuing their socio-emotional development, students also learn about suicide prevention through a partnership with Children’s Hospital. 

LS students playing on playground
PARTNERING WITH The social institute

Columbus School for Girls is now partnering with The Social Institute, an organization whose mission is to offer a gamified, online learning platform that empowers students to navigate their social world positively—including social media and technology—to fuel their health, happiness, and future success. Advisory will be using The Social Institute's #WinAtSocial curriculum. The lessons, created alongside students, will empower them and their role models to live up to high standards through #WinAtSocial. Each Social Standard unlocks a unique sequence of lessons that align with the Understanding By Design framework and evidence-based competencies of CASEL.  This curriculum will be used from Forms III-XII. 

The Social Institute's seven social standards
Focusing on Mind + Body

Physical wellness is approached holistically at CSG with a focus on nutrition and physical exercise. P.E. starts for students at age 3. Swimming lessons are available for students in the PYC and Lower School, and water aerobics are offered for Middle School students. A variety of organized sport opportunities are available from Form II through Form XII.


Brittany Harrison

Middle & Upper School Counselor

Phone: 614.252.0781 ext. 123 


Betsy Esser

Director of the Center for Global Studies and Citizenship

PYC & Lower School Counselor                               

Phone: 614.252.0781 ext. 290