Vidigami Knowledge Base

How-Tos and FAQ

What is Vidigami? Is it private and secure?

Vidigami is a photo-management system designed to provide a window into each student’s school life. With Vidigami, members of the school community (faculty, staff, parents, and students) can download and share photos in a members-only private site. Secure accounts are limited to only these groups to maintain privacy and security. Learn more about how Vidigami works.

How do I download photos from Vidigami?

From a PC/MAC, click on the photo you would like to download to enter the expanded view. In the lower right hand corner, you will see a 'Download" icon - click the icon (you may have to click proceed to accept a usage reminder) and your image will download shortly.


To download multiple photos from an album at once, open the album on a PC/MAC, hover your mouse over the first image you want to download, and click the little checkbox in the upper left hand corner of the image. You will now be able to select multiple images. Once your images are selected, click the 'Download' icon in the green toolbar at the top right hand side of the screen.


Currently, the mobile app does not support downloading, but this functionality is being introduced in a future version of the app.

Tagging photos and recognition

To tag a photo in Vidigami, click on the photo you would like to tag to enter the expanded view. On PC/MAC, click 'Tag Faces' in the upper right corner of the screen. In the mobile app, click 'Face Tag' at the bottom of the screen. Once the system has a handful of tagged images for a student, it will start to auto recognize their face and tag them in future photos making it easier for you to search for photos of your daughter.

If you see a person who is tagged incorrectly, you can remove the tag by hovering over the person in the photo and then clicking the X in the name tag box.

When will new photos be uploaded to Vidigami?

Photos will be uploaded as soon as possible following an event or activity that was covered by a contributor. Typically, photos will be uploaded within 1 week following the event or activity.

Who contributes photos to Vidigami?

Initially, the communications office is the sole contributor, however, to start the 2019-20 school year, faculty members who would like to share their photos will be invited to contribute and share their Form specific photos.

Can my extended family and friends have access to Vidigami?

Faculty, staff, students, and parents are the only groups who have access to CSG's Vidigami platform.