Upper School

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Upper School clubs are initiated, organized, and directed by students with the supervision from a mentor faculty member. Many clubs meet during dedicated clubs and activities time while others meet after school. Students are encouraged to be involved with a club as they provide an excellent opportunity for social and leadership growth. There are clubs to meet a variety of interests from community service, social and special interest, academic, and faith-based clubs.

Asian Club
Asian club explores the diversity of Asian culture and understand the different life styles of Asia and America including food, language, history, holidays, music, movies, and philosophy.

BAACC (Beauty of African and Africa-American Culture Club)
BAACC is a student-led club in which its members believe in the need of a group which will advance and expose the knowledge of others to our unique culture. The club raises awareness for the issues faced by Africans and African-Americans by organizing local events to fundraise for the causes and/or issues being faced. It strives to build bridges that close gaps within the community. BAACC also strives to create a better environment for those who will follow in our footsteps, while continuing to recognize and remember those who have walked the paths before us. BAACC’s ultimate mission is to promote education to increase awareness and to enlighten our peers to the beauty of African and African-American heritage and culture.

Baking Interest Group
The purpose of this club is to share a love of baking through discussion, baking, eating, and service work.

Computer Science Club
The Computer Science club exposes CSG students to a range of intriguing and relevant topics in computer science. The club explores and applies a variety of programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and Python; works with microcontrollers like Raspberry Pi to code projects; discusses current topics in computer science; and learns about computer parts and internal workings. The club aims to spark girls’ interest in computers, leading more CSG students to enjoy and learn about computer science.

Dance Club
Dance club promotes the excitement and fun students have experienced with dance and learn a variety of popular dances from all over the world.

Disney Interest Group
Disney Interest Group does various activities including watching Disney movies, holding bake sales for charities, welcoming educational speakers, holding more serious discussions about Disney, and having a service trip. The group is a well-organized, creative, and mature club with a board of six “Mouseketeers,” including people from CSG's Honor Council, Gold Key Ambassador Society, and Student Council.

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)
GSA supports gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning (GLBTQ) and straight Ally students and families in our community. As a club, GSA strives to create a safe, compassionate environment for students who seek anything from acceptance to a listening ear. The club maintains confidentiality about all personal issues that it discusses. It also spreads awareness and acceptance about GLTBQ issues facing the global and local community through participation in activities such as National Coming Out Day and the Day of Silence. The club promotes diversity throughout our community, and in turn, makes CSG an excellent place for all young women of strength and grace.

Indian Club
Students created an Indian Cultural Club in order to educate and enhance the growing diverse community of CSG. With focus on the dancing and singing of the various regions of India (i.e. North and South, students also learn aboutand eat a variety of ethnic dishes of the different regions.

Jewish Cultural Club
Jewish Cultural Club strives to learn about the Jewish religion and culture as well as Israeli culture, including food, music, and geography.

Joy Club
Joy Club aims to bring together any and all students willing and eager to share their faith in Jesus and live by the JOY Acronym: Jesus, Others, Yourself. Students do not have to be Christian to join, and all denominations are welcome. Students come together to support one another and pray together so that they can encourage one another through the good and bad times.

Latin Club
Latin Club further students’ knowledge concerning Latin culture and Latin influences in our everyday life.

Mock Trial Club
Mock Trial Club argues both sides of a case to learn about our justice system. The club's goal is to compete in the District Mock Trial Competition.

Ororojo (Spanish Newspaper)
Ororojo aims to enhance students' understanding of Spanish, to practice writing the language, and to spread the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

Ping Pong Club
Ping pong club allows students to make friends, eat food, and enjoy the game of ping pong. Those who already know the game will experience tournaments with other players and those who don’t know the game will have fun learning.

Poetry Club
Poetry Club is composed of students with an extra interest in poetry and facilitates the reading, analyzing, editing, and writing poetry. The group attends poetry events around Columbus.

Political Club
Political Club provides a safe and encouraging environment to discuss both national and global politics.

Service Club
The Service Club works to promote service in the Upper School and to connect students with service opportunities in the broader community.

Silhouette Club
Silhouette Club provides an opportunity for interested students to write articles and to submit news-related photographs and artwork for publication in the Upper School newspaper, Silhouette.

Spanish Club
Spanish Club allows students to learn and experience Spanish culture and language outside the classroom.

Student Leadership Council
Student Leadership Council provides CSG students skills to help them both in and outside of school.

Yearbook Club
Yearbook Club captures the memorable moments of CSG’s school year through student participation in taking photos.