Upper School

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Upper School clubs are initiated, organized, and directed by students with the supervision from a mentor faculty member. Many clubs meet during dedicated clubs and activities time while others meet after school. Students are encouraged to be involved with a club as they provide an excellent opportunity for social and leadership growth. There are clubs to meet a variety of interests from community service, social and special interest, academic, and faith-based clubs.


Creative Writing Club

The goal of the Creative Writing Club is to inspire a love of writing in the CSG community through peer critique and various reading and writing exercises. The club will culminate in the creation of a literary publication by and for CSG students and faculty.

Latin Club

To further students’ knowledge concerning Latin culture and Latin influences in  our everyday life.

Silhouette Club

Silhouette Club provides an opportunity for interested students to write articles and to submit news-related photographs and artwork for publication in the Upper School newspaper, Silhouette.

Spanish Club

Spanish Club hopes to encourage students to love learning, speaking, and writing in the Spanish language! We encourage students to speak in Spanish during our meetings as much as they can. We plan to virtually speak with people from Spanish speaking countries/areas such as Ecuador and Puerto Rico, and we will encourage our members to ask them any questions they may have. In addition to these conversations, we will learn about different Latin cultures through food, music, and more. Throughout the year, we will be doing presentations on different Spanish speaking countries and aspects of their culture, watching movies/tv to expand our Spanish vocabulary, and any other activities that interest our members. Hasta pronto!

Thespian Society

The International Thespian Society (ITS), founded in 1929, is an honorary organization for high school and middle school theatre students located at more than 4,200 affiliated secondary schools across America, Canada, and abroad. The mission of ITS is to honor student achievement in the theatre arts. CSG students may be inducted into the Thespian Society after receiving 10 Thespian Points, approximately 100 hours of participation in CSG theatre.



BAACC (Beauty of African and African-American Culture Club)

Student-led club, in which its members believe in the need of a group which will advance and expose the knowledge of others to a unique culture. We reflect our culture through a positive light, in an environment where we are one of the minorities in our community. We raise awareness of the issues faced by the Africans and African-Americans by organizing local events to fundraise for the causes and/or issues being faced. We strive to build bridges that close gaps within our community. We strive to accomplish this goal: creating a better environment for those who will follow in our footsteps, while continuing to recognize and remember those who have walked the paths before us. Our ultimate mission as a student organized club is to promote education to increase awareness and to enlighten our peers to the beauty of African and African-American heritage and culture.

Conversations about Catholicism

Conversations About Catholicism Club is a cultural club whose goal is to talk about the history of the faith and culture as well as the impact it has had on the world. Things such as architecture, art, music, Saints, the dynamic between the sciences and the Church, traditions relating to Catholicism and much more. Both non-Catholics and Catholics are welcome and encouraged to stop by!

Feminism Club

Feminism Club is a student focused, student led group whose focus lies in empowering the students of CSG by promoting a thorough and historical understanding of the complex systems of oppression we face in society today. We strive to encourage activism, service, political involvement, and an understanding of intersectionality. Feminism club is a supportive and safe environment for all students seeking knowledge, advice, or a place of acceptance.

Indian Culture Club

The mission of the Indian Culture Club is to make the CSG community more aware of Indian culture including food, holidays, movies/music, and overall life in India.

Jewish Cultural Club

To learn about the Jewish religion and culture as well as Israeli culture. (food, music, geography, etc.)

Political Discussions Club

Political Discussions Club is aimed at students who want a factual foundation before creating opinions on current political issues. We will be discussing major court cases, elections, congressional decisions, as well as what's going on internationally that is making major headlines. Due to the fact that Political Discussions Club is factually based, anything presented in discussion will either be a primary source, or fact-checked through multiple sources, so whatever political party you identify with, we hope to see you there!


PRIDE, CSG’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA), exists to support people of all sexualities, orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions within the CSG community. As a club, we want to create a safe and compassionate environment for students who seek acceptance, answers to any questions, or a listening ear. We maintain confidentiality surrounding attendance and topics discussed within the club, for the safety and respect of club and community members. PRIDE seeks to promote Positivity, Respect, Inclusion, Diversity, and Education within the CSG community to create a more welcoming environment for students of all identities. We also hope to spread awareness of the LGBTQIA+ issues facing our local and global community through participation in activities such as National Coming Out Day and the Day of Silence. We desire to promote diversity and acceptance throughout our community, and in return, to help make CSG a supportive community for all students, faculty and families.

Social Justice Club

Diversity Club is a club that brings together students to discuss different forms of diversity and social identifiers. These discussion topics range from current day issues to personal stories. The club also plans small events to talk about the importance of diversity with non-club members.



Fashion Club

The mission of Fashion Club for the 2020-2021 school year is to discuss red carpet looks, designer fashion shows, the latest trends, celebrity styles, and put together a school-wide clothing drive by the end of this year.

Music Discussions Club

The goal of our club is to allow for open discussions on music and its impact on the everyday lives of CSG students. Club days would include guided informative discussions on different genres of music, their histories, and songs within those genres. Music discussions club would serve as a conversational, stress-reducing zone to broaden the musical horizons of CSG students.

Practical Adulting

Are you going to be stapling your clothes for the rest of your life? Do you know what a tax form is? What do you do if the toilet is overflowing? Can you fix a flat tire? Will you feed ramen to your children? These are just a few of the problems we will resolve in practical adulting that everyone should know before they enter adulthood. Come with us on a fun adventure of practical adulting!

Service Club

The Service Club works to promote service in the Upper School and to connect students with service opportunities in the broader community.

Rowing Club

To inform and mentor students about rowing and eventually make a team. Create a supportive environment and encourage physical activity.

Sustainability & Conservation

Our mission is to spread awareness about climate change, waste, composting, and other factors involved with our environment on Earth and teach how to be better citizens of our planet.



Badminton Club

The purpose of this club is to bring the sport of badminton to CSG and to have fun while staying active.

Balance Club

BALANCE stands for: Bridging All Life's Aspects, Not Controlling Everything. In this club we will eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health issues, create a stress free atmosphere where we will do various stress relieving activities, and give tips to help people to become more resilient.

Crafts Club

Create a fun, nonjudgmental, and stress-free environment for students to have a creative outlet during the school day.

Just Dance

The goal of the club is to get students to be active and to get their bodies warmed up and motivated for the rest of the day. This club will also serve as a de-stressing activity where other grades can bond with each other and have tons of fun. Our club can also have different dance themes and learn about different dance styles from around the globe.

Paint and Blend

The goal of our club is to focus on wellness and have fun. CSG students who join the club will be able to explore their talent of painting. We will not only be having fun but also helping out those in need. The main goals are to learn new techniques and skills, community outreach, and stay calm and free from stress.



Battle of the Books

The Title Waves are CSG’s Battle of the Books competition team. Battle of the Books is a competition where teams of students read 26 books and prepare to answer questions about them at a competition in May. Our team is comprised of students from all grades who enjoy reading and represent the diverse literary interests of the Upper School. Teammates are introduced to new literature and develop bonds with other students through a shared love of reading and respect for healthy competition.

Mock Trial Team

To argue both sides of a case and to learn about our justice system. Our goal is to compete in the District Mock Trial Competition.


Teaming up with Ohio State University engineering students, team members get a hands-on, inside look at an engineer’s profession. In six action-packed weeks, our team of high school students and OSU mentors work together to brainstorm, design, construct, and test a robot. Every year we travel to competition events where our autonomous and remote-controlled robot will compete in tournaments spanning several days against other teams from across the country.