Middle School

csg middle school students working on electric motor

In addition to the rich, full curriculum, the Middle School offers students opportunities to build community spirit, share exciting ideas and explore special interests. Most of our clubs are scheduled during the school day, although some are after school and include a weekend commitment. Middle School clubs include

  • Lego League Robotics
  • Book Club
  • ROX (Ruling Our Experience)
  • Student Council

Student Government
Middle School Council is the student government organization. Becoming involved with the Middle School Council provides students with opportunities for learning leadership skills and parliamentary procedure, having a positive impact on the Middle School, and giving service to CSG and the outside community. The Middle School Council has three functions. First, the Council works with the faculty and administration in developing a positive Middle School environment. Second, the Council organizes service projects for the school and the Columbus community. Finally, the Council plans and carries out social activities for Middle School students that are usually tied in with various service projects.