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Educating and empowering girls to reach their distinct potential as learners and leaders.

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"My daughter will not just fly, she will soar when she leaves CSG."

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Program for Young Children

From the Director of  the PYC: 

3/4 Classroom

Over the course of the 3/4 year students have become deeply interested in designing and creating across many types of media.  Even their parents and caretakers came together to learn and make during a parent night.  Teachers kept the buzz of making going as they regularly replenished and introduced new and intriguing materials to the classroom maker space.  Conversations during meetings and explanations from the students about their inventions and designs also led to teachers documenting the thinking by writing the words of the students.  Over the summer take time to create and provide simple materials such as packaging to inspire your kiddo to continue creating!



4/5 Classroom

PYC students are comfortable with and excited for long-term projects.  Sometimes teachers know when an idea will grow and sustain and other times they are caught up in surprise right along with the children.  4/5 students took pride and ownership over their space and their learning this year.  They collaged the alphabet and expanded upon their work in the studio by creating collage inspired by their paintings of flowers.  These projects grew and changed across the span of the year (much like the girls!) but lived on across the 4/5 curriculum.  As the year comes to a close the students have decided to make a memorable creation from their college and we cannot wait for you to see it when it arrives home for summer!



5/6 Classroom

Five and six year old children are eager to help in so many ways.  In the classroom they do their jobs with the utmost respectability while also trying and practicing how to be friends and classmates who make mistakes and fix mistakes.  This year their concern for families in Ukraine united them in taking action.  As a class they marched from the Studio to the Board Room, shouting, “Help us help Ukraine get their homes back.”  Additionally, they beautifully created a poster and collected donations to be shared with Mrs. Hiller’s colleague in Ukraine who works to get children the things they need and want.  Their hard work at becoming readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientists came through, and it had an impact on them and their community.         



What Mrs. Schiff is currently reading: 

Parent Resources

ISACS Parent Webinar Smart But Scattered: How Parents Can Help Strengthen Executive Skills in Students
Peg Dawson, Psychologist & Author

Executive skills are critical to the acquisition of academic skills, but more importantly, they are the skills students need to get things done. They are brain-based skills such as task initiation, sustained attention, working memory, planning, organization, and goal-directed persistence that are critical to school success. Some students seem to acquire them naturally, but many students struggle. Dr. Peg Dawson, co-author of the books Smart but Scattered and Smart but Scattered Teens, will describe how these skills develop throughout childhood and will suggest strategies parents can use to help children acquire the critical skills they need to be successful students. This webinar is for parents of children in grades K-12. 

Watch Now 

Presentation Slides


ISACS Parent Webinar
The January webinar, How to Unleash Your Child’s Brilliance - Even in a Pandemic, features Chris Reavis, Parent, Coach, and Author. Information about the webinar is below:

Learn three practical and proven ways to bolster your child’s academic and social-emotional learning—yes, even now. This session will help you apply modern, neuroscience-based approaches that give results, even in the most difficult situations. Your presenter, Chris Reavis, is the best-selling author of Unleashed: What a Child with Autism Can Teach You. While this webinar is for parents of children in grades 2-10, all parents are welcome.

Watch now



















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