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Scholarship Granting Organization

At Columbus School for Girls, like other independent schools across the country, we face a funding gap each year as we work to balance affordable tuition with the actual cost to educate a student.

Have you heard about a new way to increase the impact of your generosity at CSG? 

The State of Ohio recently enacted legislation allowing a tax credit of up to $750 per individual or $1,500 for married couples filing jointly for donations made to certified scholarship-granting organizations. This credit is available to individuals who have an Ohio tax liability. Ohio taxpayers benefit through a dollar-for-dollar reduction of their state tax liability, while choosing to redirect those tax dollars in support of CSG students at no additional cost to them. 

CSG benefits from the program by being able to award tuition assistance that prioritizes families in need who seek the opportunity for their daughters to receive a CSG education. In the inaugural year, many commented that it seemed too good to be true and the reality is, if you are looking to support CSG (and we hope you are), this is an easy way to do so!

Visit the OAIS website and select “Columbus School for Girls” from the dropdown menu to make your contribution. Your contribution enables us to continue to offer $2.3M or more in tuition assistance to our families and expand access to a CSG education throughout central Ohio. 

For individualized questions or concerns, consult with your personal accountant or financial advisor.

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