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Power & Promise Funding Priorities

By investing in the Power & Promise campaign, you will make these initiatives possible for CSG’s learners of today and leaders of tomorrow.


Invest in our people to continue to foster a community of excellence. 

Lower School faculty member shows lower school student how to use a microscope


Tuition Assistance - $3M

CSG is committed to ensuring that any student who could flourish and thrive at our beloved school has the opportunity to do so. Access and affordability are critical components of our community. CSG students come from more than 50 zip codes and a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. During the 2021-2022 school year, CSG awarded $2.3 million in tuition assistance to 36% of our student body. CSG’s tuition assistance program ensures that a premier CSG education is accessible to families all over central Ohio.

Faculty Compensation - $400K
At CSG, our faculty are trailblazers in education who work tirelessly to give each student innovative and empowering learning experiences. To appeal to the most sought-after teachers across the country and retain our current exemplary faculty, CSG must offer the most compelling salary and benefits packages and offer professional development opportunities to ensure every classroom is an engaging, inclusive learning environment. Our people are what makes CSG so special, and we must invest in them to enhance our robust and vibrant teaching community. 

Professional Development - $180K

By investing in professional development, CSG will provide opportunities that expand our faculty and staff's expertise in cultural competency and maintain CSG's high caliber of academic excellence. Whether it’s our science faculty exploring the biological diversity in the Galapagos, our art teachers visiting new exhibits in premier museums, or our staff developing innovative ideas at conferences across the country, this initiative will strategically invest in our faculty and staff to enhance CSG’s academic excellence and student experience.



Develop innovative, signature programs to provide our students with cutting-edge curriculum that distinguishes CSG as the leader in girls’ education. 

Two girls throw a candy into a liter of soda and back away as the experiment explodes.


Computer Science - $2M
The world needs more women leaders in STEM, and CSG has the expertise to prepare them. Over the past three years, CSG has invested deeply through Power & Promise in creating a computer science curriculum that launched and solidified our partnership with HER (Her Educational Revolution) Academy. And we are already seeing results: Of our 2022 graduating class, 51% indicated that they are pursuing a STEM field in college and 17% are pursuing computer science or engineering. From this, it is clear to see that CSG is leading a culture of change that truly celebrates women in technology.

Center for Girls’ and Young Women’s Leadership - $250K
Through Power & Promise, CSG has secured the funding to launch The Center for Girls’ and Young Women’s Leadership, a signature program that will strengthen CSG’s leadership curriculum, expand partnerships with local organizations and universities, and provide opportunities for all girls in Ohio to connect, learn, and collaborate with one another. The Center will propel CSG into a new era of leadership among our nation’s independent schools and, more importantly, inspire the next generation of female leaders in our city, region, nation, and world.

Global Engagement - $250K
All students at CSG should have a chance to experience what it means to be a global citizen—to understand that humanity binds all communities and cultures together, that friendships transcend borders, that the exchange of knowledge is a two-way street. This priority will create a fund to expand access so that every Upper School student, regardless of financial background, will have the opportunity to have a global experience and become a globally competent woman of action. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging - $100K
CSG celebrates diversity and is committed to building a community where all members feel safe, connected, and respected. Through Power & Promise, we will deepen our investment in our equity, inclusion, and belonging work. With a continued focus on our anti-racism action plan and practices, we will strengthen our ability to be a more equitable and inclusive community.  

Kirk Campus Turf Field - $1.1M
Athletics play a vital role in the lives of countless CSG students. Our student-athletes are passionate and with every practice and contest, they exude strength and grace. Prior to this season, CSG was one of the few schools in Ohio who have field hockey and lacrosse programs, but did not have a turf field. Thanks to the generosity of our community, we have installed a state-of-the-art turf field on CSG’s Kirk Campus, ensuring our student-athletes are able to compete at the highest level. 



Ensure long-term fiscal strength for generations of students to come.

Student smiles at commencement while seated holding bouquet of roses


Endowment - $2M

Celebrating a legacy of strength and grace was at the heart of Tad and Nancy Jeffrey’s decision to give an incredible $2.5 million gift to Columbus School for Girls in support of tuition assistance and the endowment. Their transformative gift was instrumental in reaching our Power & Promise endowment goal and providing a more secure, stable financial future for our school. Through this gift and the support of our community, CSG is set up for long-term fiscal success that will have a lasting impact for generations of girls and young women to come. To hear more about Tad and Nancy Jeffrey's extraordinary gift, click here.


Annual Fund and Power & Promise

Make an Annual Fund gift today and to give a little extra to support a Power & Promise fundraising initiative that resonates with you.

Every year, CSG faces a funding gap between tuition income and expenses. For each student enrolled at CSG, we must raise $3,000 through the Annual Fund to fully cover the cost of her education and provide her with transformative experiences in and out of the classroom. To do this, our entire community comes together—alumnae, parents, family, and friends—to help bridge this gap by giving to the Annual Fund. Annual Fund gifts, made in tandem with campaign gifts, will help maintain CSG’s financial foundation while providing additional flexibility to address immediate needs of the school. A flourishing Annual Fund is a critical component to a successful future for CSG.