Planned Giving

Some donors may wish to create a highly personal and lasting legacy at CSG through an estate gift, to support students and programs far into the future, and receive tax benefits and the opportunity to experience the joy of giving during their lifetime.

For many, planning a deferred gift, such as a bequest, remains the most feasible way to make a substantial gift to CSG. We are happy to assist donors and their financial or legal advisers in achieving estate planning and ultimate philanthropy goals.

Order of the Golden Unicorn

It is our privilege to recognize donors who include CSG in estate plans as members of the Order of the Golden Unicorn. Our goal is to recognize Order of the Golden Unicorn members as a perpetual part of the CSG family, just as the donor has incorporated CSG as part of his or her own family through this exceptionally special gift commitment.

To be included in the Order of the Golden Unicorn, Columbus School for Girls simply needs a letter stating that the school will be included in your Will or Trust.

For more information, please contact:
Regan Mazak, Associate Director of Development, at 614.252.0781 ext. 301

Gifts of Securities


An outright gift of appreciated securities may entitle donors to an income-tax charitable deduction for the fair market value of the securities.


How do I make a Gift of Stock?

Making a gift of stock is simple:

  1. Notify CSG of your intention to make a gift of stock. To properly credit your gift, CSG must be aware of the transfer details. Because DTC information often does not include the owner of the assets, it is quite difficult to match donors with stocks sent without advance notification.
  2. Supply your broker with the following information:
    CSG’s Financial Consultant:
    Valerie Smith
    Merrill Lynch

    Account Number: 79E-04132
    DTC Number: 5198
  3. Send CSG a copy of your stock transfer authorization letter or details of the gift (stock name, number of shares, and approximate date of transfer). In accordance with IRS guidelines, the date of the gift will be the date that CSG assumes ownership of the shares. For crediting purposes, the value is determined as the average of high and low listings for the stock on that date.

How do I determine the charitable contribution amount for a gift of appreciated stock?

CSG will acknowledge the date your gift was received, the stock name, and the number of shares received. Your broker should supply you with the date of transfer, the name of stock transferred, the number of shares transferred, and the price per share on the date of transfer. The value of gift is the average between the high and the low price on the date of the gift.

What date controls the valuing of a Gift of Stock?

In general, the gift date at which you relinquished control of the stock to CSG controls the valuing of the stock, such as the date your broker transfers the stock to our account or the date you deliver the stock to our Development Office.