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Upper School Athletics

In Upper School, the emphasis of the program is focused on the testing of one’s skills in a competitive, interscholastic environment.
Interscholastic athletics is an integral part of the CSG school community. Athletics provide a unique medium through which a student-athlete may develop and test her physical skills and strategies, explore a dimension of mental skills that differs from the classroom, and define her values with respect to physical activity and competition. At this level, student-athletes are expected to self-advocate for skill needs and competition time, if they feel there is a need to do so. There are also preseason expectations for all team members.

Select photos by Joe Maiorana, Impact Photography

The goals of the Upper School Program include:
  • Being competitive in all sports
  • Winning and experiencing success
  • Improving athletic skills and increasing knowledge of the game
  • Developing a positive work ethic in conditioning and practice of the skills
  • Building and maintaining good physical fitness and wellness
  • Exemplifying sportsmanship in practice and in competitions, showing respect for officials, coaches, visitors, parents, opponents, and teammates at all times
  • Developing habits of health and safety in sports
  • Developing an understanding that participation is a privilege, which incorporates responsibility and commitment