Upper School Athletics

In Upper School, the emphasis of the program is focused on the testing of one’s skills in a competitive interscholastic environment. While winning is not the sole focus, it is certainly an important part of what we do and why we do it. Playing time is something that is earned at the varsity and junior varsity levels, as is team selection. There are a number of factors which go into the decision of who plays when and how long. Each coach has his or her philosophy which ties in with the philosophy of the Athletic Department, and ultimately with the mission of the School.

Interscholastic athletics is an integral part of the CSG school community. Athletics provide a unique medium through which a student-athlete may experience development and testing of her physical skills and strategies, an exploration of a dimension of her mental skills which differs from the classroom, and a defining of her values with respect to physical activity and competition. At this level, student-athletes are expected to self-advocate for skill needs and competition time, if they feel there is a need to do so. There are also preseason expectations for all team members.

The goals of the Upper School Program include:

  • Being competitive in all sports
  • Winning and experiencing success
  • Improving athletic skills and increasing knowledge of the game
  • Developing a positive work ethic in conditioning and practice of the skills
  • Building and maintaining good physical fitness and wellness
  • Exemplifying sportsmanship in practice and in competitions, showing respect for officials, coaches, visitors, parents, opponents, and teammates at all times
  • Developing habits of health and safety in sports
  • Developing an understanding that participation is a privilege, which incorporates responsibility and commitment
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