Middle School Athletics

In Middle School, participation on athletics team is the primary goal. We strongly encourage every girl to choose sport experiences which will enhance her growth, development, educational experience, and aid in her transition to the interscholastic competition of the Upper School program. Coaches do everything in their power to ensure playing time for each student-athlete. There is no guarantee of equal playing time. Factors such as team size, level of experience, level of competition, and length of contest determine how many student-athletes participate in each game/match/or competition.

The Athletic Department recognizes that it is not always possible for every team member to participate in every game/match/or competition; however participation in practices, team events, and skill work, as well as the social interactions of teams are positive outcomes of the sport experience.

As with all activities, there are established expectations of attendance, participation, and performance quality. Student-athletes must make a top priority of CSG sports teams' participation. School administration will become involved with student-athletes’ not able to make a full commitment to their team. In the event that the Athletic Department believes any student-athlete does not demonstrate the necessary skill level (for safety reasons) to participate in any sport at any level of competition, that student-athlete and her family will be strongly encouraged to look at and choose different sport opportunities during that sport season.

The goals for the Middle School Program include:
  • Improving playing skills and knowledge of the game
  • Building team spirit, cooperation, and camaraderie
  • Developing a work ethic both in conditioning and in the practice of skills
  • Building and maintaining good physical fitness
  • Exemplifying sportsmanship in practice and games by showing respect to officials, coaches, visitors, parents, opponents, and teammates
  • Developing habits of health and safety in sports
  • Developing an understanding that participation in athletics is a privilege, which incorporates responsibility and commitment
Middle School Athletic offerings include:
Cross Country
Field Hockey
Track and Field