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Athletic Hall of Fame

The Athletic Hall of Fame pays tribute and extends recognition to those individuals who, through the years, have contributed to Columbus School for Girls in the field of athletics, and who have continued to demonstrate the values learned in athletics in their daily lives.

Criteria for Selection

Honorees shall be selected from the following eras:

  • Contemporary Era—all athletes competing from 1978 to the present.
  • Pioneer Era—all athletes competing in years prior to the Contemporary Era.


  • An athlete will be considered eligible for recognition 10 years after the graduation of her class.
  • A coach or member of the CSG Athletic Department must qualify by having served on the Athletic Department Staff for at least 12 years*.
  • An athlete from the Contemporary Era must have earned a minimum of one Varsity Letter.
  • The record of the individual considered shall be so outstanding that there is no question as to the qualifications necessary for induction. Such record may include, but is not limited to:
  • 1. National or state recognition of athletic ability.
  • 2. Recognition received at the collegiate level or beyond for athletic ability.
  • Qualifications and criteria shall be based upon the candidate’s participation in athletics while attending CSG and shall include accomplishments after leaving the school. The selection shall be based on athletic and/or academic merit.
  • Consideration shall be given for contributions and commitment to health and wellness.
  • Special awards and induction may be considered and made because of unusual contribution and performances.

* Qualifications for a coach shall remain in line with the ideal stated above.


Past Inductees


Maggie McLeod Bowers '87
Tia Chapman '89
Karen Saah '89


Rebekah Green McClelland '99

Robin Ives Canowitz '85

Molly Fankhauser '99

Keely McDonald '96

Leonie Turack

Jibs Thorson Oefinger '88

Lucy Morris Crotty '83

Kitty Morton Epler '62

Jack Guy

Ellen Havens Hardymon '73
Patricia Williams French '74

Helen Hamer Geoffrion '56

Sharon Salzer
Christine Davis '72
Margaret Barton Williams '57

Martha Carey Washington
Darlene Kemp-Ratliff '79