Athletics is a significant part of CSG. Our program is a spirited community that allows our girls to build meaningful and lasting relationships outside of the classroom. Not only do our student-athletes build vital leadership, collaboration and critical thinking skills; they gain resilience and have a chance to be strong female role models for their teammates, classmates, and the community.

CSG is a respected program among the highest levels of interscholastic athletics, and attracts passionate coaches that have been recognized in their respected sports for their achievements both as competitors and as coaches. Our coaches have knowledge and experience that make them extremely effective in preparing our teams for competition, while supporting the girls as they explore and develop a strong sense of self and a deep level of confidence.

Our athletes compete in Mid-State League, Ohio Division. They compete on our unparalleled fields and in state-of-the-art facilities housed at our main campus and 55-acre Kirk Campus. By participating in a dynamic athletics program, our girls learn how to win with humility, and lose with dignity.

CSG girls are proud to be part of our competitive athletic program, and develop a lifelong love of physical activity. Due to the exposure of our programs, many girls have the opportunity to go on to play sports at the collegiate level. Every CSG athlete leaves CSG with an appreciation of the need for a healthy balance of physical, social, and emotional wellness.

Whether you are an accomplished athlete with your sights set on college athletics, or are looking to enjoy the experience of being on a team and working for a common goal, there is a place for you in CSG’s athletic program. The Athletics Department looks forward to meeting you and showing you around our state-of-the-art facilities and introducing you to our dedicated and passionate coaches.

CSG! CSG! Let’s Go Unies!
Megan Henry
Director of Athletics