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Visual Arts

At CSG, our students are encouraged to find that spark of inspiration, and we help them nurture it. 

PYC studio time

She can create what she wants to see in the world.

Whether they’re sculpting, painting, or drawing, our students are learning how to bring ideas out of their minds and into the world. The fundamentals of fine arts serve as a vehicle for learning and practicing the creative process, problem solving, and critical thinking. Equipped with these tools, students will leave our school with the power to bring their ideas to life. 

PYC student with colored pencil

Program for Young Children

Students in the Program for Young Children can explore their imagination, ideas, and feelings in an environment inspired by the philosophies of the Reggio Emilia Approach to early childhood education. With a variety of tools and materials at their fingertips, children are free to explore, experiment, discover, and invent. In turn, teachers are able to understand, through these expressions, the ways in which students are learning. 

LS student in art class

Lower School

Lower School students sharpen their critical thinking skills as they use a variety of resources, tools, and technologies to make their ideas come alive. Using feedback and self-assessment to improve the quality of their work, they learn to conceive multiple ways to approach a creative art or design problem. In addition to creating, they also learn to critique, interpreting the meanings conveyed in various works of art. 

Middle School

In Middle School, students continue broadening their artistic horizons. From ceramics to watercolors, the girls explore an expanding range of media as they continue learning about the artistic process. They also try their hand at styles grounded in specific art movements, such as Pop Art and Impressionism. 

Upper School

Upper School students study historic and modern modes of artistic expression with the goal of building confidence in their artistic competence. Through drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, and sculpture, they continue to nurture their individual expression into young adulthood. AP Art and Design classes also give students the opportunity to prepare a college-level portfolio.