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Express yourself.

Arts at CSG

MS student painting in art class

Discover her voice, her style, her power.

At CSG, we give students the tools they need to express their creativity in the arts. Whether they’re on the stage or behind the scenes, holding a paintbrush or a tuba, girls are building vital skills—from music theory to problem solving—that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.



Beginning in our Program for Young Children, our students are encouraged to explore in a way that lets them build the foundations for artistic expression. From Lower School on up, girls continue building their skill sets with robust arts curricula that emphasize critical thinking and hands-on experiences. 


Brush, camera, clay...

With a wide range of materials at their fingertips, students hone their skills in drawing, painting, and 3-D arts, culminating in the opportunity to take AP Art and Design classes in high school and prepare a college-level portfolio. 


Trumpet, violin, voice...

Building on foundational skills begun early on in their education, Middle- and Upper School students have the opportunity to participate in string orchestra, concert band, and concert choir. 


Stage, costume, lights...

In Middle- and Upper School, students have the opportunity to participate in formal productions that give them opportunities to act, manage and design sets, lead casts and crews, and work with lighting and sound equipment.



MS student practicing theater performance

Our Agnes Jeffrey Shedd Theater offers a professional space for our students, setting the stage for a variety of hands-on learning opportunities.