Alumnae Scholarship Walk 2019



Do you remember your first Scholarship Walk? From the solidarity of walking 20+ miles, to the annual t-shirt design debut, to the celebratory cookout at the end, the Scholarship Walk is a treasured experience at CSG. 

For 47 years, our community has come together to raise vital funds to support our scholarship program and ensure that more girls have access to the incredible CSG educational experience. You know, first hand, the transformational experience that CSG provides our girls. What you may not know is that nearly 32% of CSG’s current student body receives some form of financial aid.

This year, we are launching an Alumnae Scholarship Walk to encourage alumnae across the country to organize a walk in their neighborhoods and raise funds so that more girls are able to discover their distinct potential as learners and leaders.

Each $100+ donor will receive this year’s Scholarship Walk t-shirt! In order to get your shirt in time for the event, gifts must be made by 9/15  (gifts of $100 or more received after 9/15 will still receive a t-shirt but we can’t guarantee you’ll have it by 10/5). To make a gift and secure your t-shirt, please use the donation form below.


Here’s how you can participate:

  • Go for a walk on Saturday, October 5 with your CSG friends or family 

  • Post a photo to your social media with the hashtag #csgeverywhere

  • If located outside of Columbus, volunteer to organize an Alumnae Scholarship Walk in your community (email Tanya McCarthy for more information) 

  • If located in Columbus, join us at CSG for a walk at 10:00 am

  • Support our $10,000 fundraising goal by making a gift below.