Alumnae Association Board

Alumnae Association Board

Greetings to each of you as we officially close the 2019-20 school year at CSG. And especially to the 51 recently-graduated women of CSG’s Class of 2020. We welcome you as the newest members of the Alumnae Association of the Columbus School for Girls. You join nearly 3,000 women in 49 states and 17 countries who share our CSG heritage. Congratulations on your accomplishments, especially the strength and grace that you exhibited during the final months of your senior year. 

Speaking of accomplishments, the 2019-20 Alumnae Association Board had big successes over the last year, too. Lead by Allison Ansari '05 and Amy Bodiker Baskes '90, in partnership with Chief Development Officer Amy Borntrager and Assistant Director of Development, Constituency Engagement, Lisa Dodge, the Association sponsored the inaugural Alumnae Scholarship Walk in October, launched CSG Connect, a multi-use online directory, in January and delivered a national alumnae strategy to deepen engagement with alums beyond central Ohio. Thank you to all of the members of the 2019-20 Alumnae Association Board and committees for your efforts with special thanks to those retiring: Caitlin Allen '08, Allison Ansari '05, Lindsay Saxe Griffin '00, Michaela Milligan '15, Jessica Orlov Ketner '02, and Heidi Reiner Nowalany '94. 

Now meet the 2020-21 Alumnae Association Board members, pictured above at their first “gathering” on July 8. Residents of Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and New York, this year’s Association Board members represent four decades of learning at CSG as well as a range of life and career experiences. Thank you for your willingness to serve our Association and its alumnae membership. Our names and contact information are shown at the end of this letter. We represent each of you so reach out to us with your thoughts and ideas.

In the past weeks, we have been reminded, again, how critical it is to support alumnae affected by social injustice caused by institutionalized racism and exclusion that exists in our country. Like so many other institutions, CSG, and specifically our Alumnae Association Board, have been called to reevaluate how we support our diverse alumnae body. Black alumnae and other marginalized groups need to know now that CSG is a place of solidarity. 

We recognize this isn’t the first time that racial issues have engulfed our nation or affected our sister alumnae. We have been working closely with Jennifer Ciccarelli, Amy Borntrager, Lisa Dodge, and Board member Yolanda Nunn Kennedy '94 to outline ways our Board can support our Black alumnae. Please know that we are committed to fighting harder for racial equity and social justice. 

Our Association’s purpose is to represent the voices of all alumnae to the school and to support their engagement with the broader school community and their support of the school. To advance our purpose this year, the Association’s primary goals will be threefold:  

  1. Inclusion – our work will be best when we include all alumnae’s voices;
  2. Recruitment – to be inclusive, we need to reach out and actively invite alumnae colleagues to join the work at hand, and;
  3. Engagement – with an inclusive group of alumnae volunteers, how can we then engage all alumnae in fulfilling our purpose?

We cannot do this work alone and we ask that you join us! A vibrant, inclusive and engaged alumnae network forms our strongest foundation which these times demand of us. To remove barriers to partnering with us, we have transitioned to a virtual platform for our work this year. So, click here to explore a variety of opportunities and indicate your interest, with our thanks, in advance for your commitment to CSG.

As we embark on our work together, we are excited by our partnership with each of you. We share a deep affection for CSG where we gained so many of our talents. Add to that our collective experiences in life, at work, in service and at CSG, we have much to harness to fuel our work together. Here’s to an exciting year for CSG alumnae!

In Strength and Grace,

Mindy Snyder '93, Co-President         


Anne Jeffrey Wright '70, Co-President



Alumnae Association Board 2020-2021

Mindy Snyder '93, Co-President

Anne Jeffrey Wright '70, Co-President


Amy Bodiker Baskes '90

Constance Bowen Borro '04

Mallory Halley '06 

Karen Lurie Jones '87 

Yolanda Nunn Kennedy '94

Jill Levy '70 

Alexandra Roberts '08

Aris Rosh '94 

Jane Coffman Wichman '80

Amy Borntrager, ex-officio

Lisa Dodge, ex-officio