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At Columbus School for Girls, we believe girls do better in an environment created specifically for them. And that they should be free to be who they are, and do what they will, without anyone to stand in their way.

An all girls education means our girls have the freedom to speak out more, gain more confidence, and see themselves as leaders.

Although it’s the most important part of the School, CSG isn’t just focused on academics. We also know our girls have interests outside of the classroom such as theater, music, and sports. At CSG, our girls can take part in student performances (CSG holds an average of 33 student performances each year), take numerous music or theater classes to better develop her trade, or can train in our weight room, eight-lane pool, or yoga studio. As a multiple sport state qualifier in the Central Catholic League, our girls know hard work and dedication inside and outside of the classroom.

Why All Girl?

Recent research has confirmed what we've known for over 100 years - that a single-sex educational environment is better for girls. Developing the confidence and self-knowledge of all students is central to our work. Consequently, the girls and young women of CSG embrace the opportunities and challenges of adolescence with a great level of assurance and poise. Girls are always center stage - they must participate, take charge, and get involved. View the research here. Graduates of girls' schools are confident learners, critical thinkers, self-starters, and contributing team players. CSG is all girl by design, and each of our girls is empowered to develop her true voice and embrace her full potential.