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 She Will Know Her Power.

It's not just a statement. It's our promise.

Here at Columbus School for Girls, we believe girls do better in an environment created specifically for them. We believe they should be free to be who they are and do what they will without anyone to stand in their way.

An all-girl education means our students have the freedom to speak out more, gain more confidence, and see themselves as leaders.


At CSG, every girl is a leader, and being a girl is a position of honor.



We think critically and act thoughtfully.

With an academically rigorous curriculum and a personalized learning experience, students learn to think critically and dig deeply as they pursue knowledge.


We express ourselves.

Building on foundational skills, our students have hands-on opportunities to express creativity, think critically, and bring their ideas to life. 


We're movers, shakers, congratulators.

In a spirited community of confident competitors, our students support their teammates while they practice winning with humility and losing with dignity.


The CSG experience doesn't end at academic excellence.

We also know our girls have interests outside of the classroom such as theater, music, and sports. At CSG, our girls can take part in student performances (with an average of 33 student performances each year), take numerous music or theater classes, or train in our weight room, eight-lane pool, or yoga studio. CSG is a multiple sport state qualifier in the Central Catholic League, and our girls know hard work and dedication inside and outside of the classroom.

Whatever she enjoys, wherever she excels, she'll find it at CSG.

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