Recently, we sat down for a conversation with our parents.

We wanted to know why they chose and continue to choose CSG for their daughters. What we found is a shared, special experience.

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The UA scholarship is a $5,000/year merit scholarship for rising ninth grade students in the Upper Arlington school district. The award was established to recognize academically accomplished students who embody the key values and ideals of the CSG mission. This scholarship is renewable through graduation.  



Columbus School for Girls
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In her voice. Watch the video below for the student perspective.

Over the past few months, we took the time to chat with students and learn, from their perspectives, what they love about CSG. There were lots of laughs and giggles as students reflected on how much they have changed over the years and even some pensive pauses as the girls, in all divisions, thought about the contributions they make to their school. We put those thoughts together and are excited share them with you.

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