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Tuition Assistance

Accessibility matters.

We offer need-based tuition assistance to students whose families would otherwise be unable to afford our tuition. All full-day girls, PreK-12, are eligible to apply for tuition assistance.

We're also pleased to offer merit scholarships to new students entering grades 6-9. These scholarships are awarded to academically accomplished students who embody the key values and ideals of the CSG mission, and we encourage all intellectually motivated students to apply.





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how is tuition assistance calculated?

The complex formula used to calculate the exact tuition assistance level considers many factors that affect a family’s ability to pay. It is impossible for the school, or for a family, to determine the level of tuition for which they qualify unless the entire Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) is completed. An application for tuition assistance does not affect a student’s admission decision. The Tuition Assistance Committee calculates a family’s ability to afford tuition and operates separately from the admission process.

The formula considers these factors:


Columbus School for Girls


Tuition assistance policies

  • Tuition assistance at CSG is based on demonstrated need and is intended as a supplement to a family's financial resources. Every family is required to invest something toward their daughter’s education.


  • Families of students receiving tuition assistance must reapply every year, and tuition assistance will be adjusted to reflect changes in tuition and in a family’s financial circumstances.


  • CSG makes a long-term commitment to continue to provide tuition assistance to a family as long as they demonstrate need.


  • CSG maintains the same standards of behavior and academic performance for recipients of tuition assistance as it does for non-recipients.


  • Columbus School for Girls administers its admission, tuition assistance, and employment policies without regard to race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, or national origin.
  • The tuition assistance committee uses the analysis provided by School and Student Services by NAIS, our tuition assistance management system as a starting point, and will consider additional information provided by the family when determining each family’s ability to pay tuition.


  • CSG’s policy regarding divorced, separated, or never-married parents is that both natural parents must complete the tuition assistance application process (if living). We look for each family’s ability to pay, not their willingness to pay. If the custodial parent has remarried, we also will consider assets of the step-parent (bearing in mind the obligations of that step-parent to his or her own natural children). CSG reserves the right to impute income in the absence of required information.


  • CSG expects both parents to maximize their earning potential. We reserve the right to impute an income for a non-working parent who does not have young children or other family members to care for at home.

merit scholarships

To be eligible for a merit scholarship, a student must be a new applicant for admission to Columbus School for Girls entering grades 6-9. Indicate your desire to be considered for scholarships on the parent questionnaire and complete all components of the admission process by our first round application deadline. For more information on application requirements, please visit the How to Apply page.

Need-based financial aid is available in addition to merit scholarships, and a family can be awarded both. The school’s financial aid program is based solely upon need as determined by the School and Student Service (SSS) for Financial Aid.


merit scholarship selection process

The Scholarship Selection Committee will determine the recipients of each merit scholarship. Decisions will be based upon a review of the application, test scores, transcripts, and recommendations. Each winner will be notified with her acceptance letter on March 1.

The Scholarship Selection Committee will also determine a group of Alumnae Scholarship finalists based upon test scores, transcripts, recommendations, and an initial review of applications. Each finalist will receive notification with her acceptance letter on March 1 and will then be invited back to campus for a round of formal interviews. Final decisions will be made on or before March 9.


current available merit scholarships