Sydney Anderson, ‘21

Gold Key Co- Vice President

Journey to CSG

My journey to CSG all started in 7th grade, when my mom suggested we go to CSG’s Open House. Not knowing what to expect, we toured, and I fell in love immediately. The one thing that I kept thinking about was how everything was so bright. From the windows, to the bright paint colors and even the bright personalities of the students, CSG seemed like the place that I would soon come to call home. In 8th grade, I shadowed, toured again, and formally applied. It was one of the biggest decisions in my life so far, and I couldn’t have chosen better.

Extracurricular highlights

Last year I was a part of our vocal ensemble, The Grace Notes, and got to sing at Carnegie Hall, as well as tour NYC. It was an absolutely incredible experience. I also had the privilege to be chosen to be Jane Eyre in CSG’s production of Jane Eyre, the Musical. I have so many wonderful memories from the show!

Favorite class at CSG

Honors Biology was a really fun and interesting class. Everything from growing bacteria to seeing how DNA replicates itself was amazing.

Special FACULTY/staff
at CSG and why

My advisor, Ms. Weintraub, has been one of the most supportive teachers I have ever met. Since she is my advisor, she helps me set out my schedule for the year, as well as helps me with organizing or how to set up meetings with teachers. Her well meaning, no nonsense attitude is refreshing, especially during high stress weeks. She has even already helped me connect with possible career paths in ways I never would have been able to without her.

Favorite CSG tradition

Graduation is such a wonderful time for not only the seniors, but all CSG students. Watching the seniors walk down the aisle in their white dresses is always breathtaking, especially since that will be the way that most of the girls remember the seniors. It is so unique and special for the seniors not to have just another cap and gown for graduation, but to have a white gown just for the occasion. Personally, I am way too excited to go shopping for mine!

Current Netflix binge

I’m flipping between Lucifer, Father Brown, and Sherlock Holmes (mystery shows are kind of my thing).

Favorite CSG lunch

Chicken tenders! I mean, who doesn’t love the chicken tenders?!

Favorite Bexley hangout

Zen-Cha has some of the best tea or food I’ve ever had, and a lot of CSG girls go there to grab a really yummy bite to eat.

Best part about an all-girl environment

With all-girls, it is super easy to not worry about appearances and keep it centered around academics. The drama levels also stay to an extreme minimum! We really do become like a family. 

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