Sophia Koffler, ‘21

Gold Key Co-President


Journey to CSG

I came to CSG in second grade, so I have been here for a while. I don’t remember much about the admission process; however, I do remember how excited I was after visiting CSG and getting to spend a day in the classroom with all the other girls. I actually started during the second semester of second grade, and the transition was so easy. Everyone was so friendly, and I still remember how nice and welcoming my teacher, Mrs. Glimpse, was to me!

Extracurricular highlights

I participate in Swimming and Track. I love playing sports at CSG because I love being part of a team. Everyone is so close and meets are so much fun!

Favorite class at CSG

My favorite class at CSG was Human Anatomy and Physiology. I have always been interested in the sciences, so I was so excited to take the class my junior year. In Human Anatomy and Physiology, I finally felt like I was able to understand the explanation behind the concepts of the human body that we accept but never fully understand. The class helped me realize what I think I want my major to be in college and really deepened my curiosity about health and the human body.


Mrs. Abell has been such a significant teacher for me so far in high school. Mrs. Abell was my math teacher both freshman and sophomore year. During my freshman year, I had Mrs. Abell as my honors geometry teacher, and I quickly realized that she was not only an amazing teacher, but she was also so welcoming to all the freshman because she knew that the transition from middle school to high school can be a bit difficult. I am so grateful for Mrs. Abell because she continued to challenge me while still understanding how difficult it can be to manage all the work in high school. You can always count on Mrs. Abell, whether you actually have questions about math or you just need someone to listen to you for a little while!

Favorite CSG tradition

CSG is built on traditions, so it is hard for me to choose just one. I love Holiday Dinner because it is such a great way to end the semester by getting all dressed up and gathering the entire high school together. It is such a special tradition in high school, and I especially look forward to the annual slideshow honoring the seniors and all their years at CSG. I also love the Thanksgiving program because one of the highlights of my entire year is getting to listen to the little PYC girls sing “Over the River and Through the Woods”.

Current Netflix binge

I just finished watching Dead to Me on Netflix and now I am rewatching Dance moms with my sister :)


I have so many favorite lunches but my top three are probably pasta, Thanksgiving lunch or perogies.


Because CSG is all-girl, we have smaller class sizes, which I really enjoy! Everyone is so close and supportive of one another, and that goes beyond just your grade. The all-girl environment at CSG provides a welcoming space where friendships are made across grades. At CSG I feel so comfortable raising my hand in class, asking questions and talking to teachers. I have been going to CSG for a long time, and everyday I walk into school feeling comfortable and confident without having to worry at all about the way I look.

Favorite AFTER SCHOOL/LOCAL hangout

Zen Cha is my favorite after school hangout. I love the food and it’s really close to school.

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