Sarah Lonser, ‘22

Gold Key Co-Vice President

Journey to CSG

I came to CSG halfway through my third grade school year. I moved from a school in Maryland that was even smaller than CSG. The transition into CSG was really easy, partially because I was pretty young at the time, but also because my classmates and teachers were super welcoming and outgoing. In fact, I am still really close friends with the girl who hosted me when I first came to CSG.

Extracurricular highlights

I have been playing varsity field hockey and lacrosse since freshman year. Both teams have allowed me to create some of my closest and most meaningful friendships with people within my grade, as well as both upperclassmen and underclassmen. One of my other favorite extracurriculars is costume crew. I love working behind the scenes during the plays because of the sense of community and the excitement of show nights.

Favorite class at CSG

Spanish is probably one of my favorite classes at CSG, and it has been one of my favorites since middle school. I have always been really interested in the subject, and I have really enjoyed learning more about it over the years.

Special FACULTY/staff
at CSG and why

My advisor and one of the history teachers at CSG, Ms. Pfeiffer has been very impactful during my time at CSG. She taught me world history in freshman year, United States history in sophomore year, and has been my advisor for the past two years. Something you can always expect from Ms. Pfeiffer’s classes are engaging and fast-paced lessons, which is one reason why I loved her classes. Through her clear passion for history and teaching, she has fostered a strong interest in me for studying history. She has also helped me gain so much confidence in myself as a student. As an advisor, she has always looked out for my well being, and talked me down from taking on an unreasonable workload. I am so grateful to have had such a compassionate and enthusiastic teacher.

Favorite CSG tradition

My favorite CSG tradition is the senior skit. Every year on the last school day before spring break, the seniors put on a class-written skit where they play the teachers. It’s always a lot of fun, and it’s interesting to see what they seniors have spent time planning.

Current Netflix binge

My favorite show on Netflix is Criminal Minds, and I have been binging/rewatching it for years.

Favorite CSG lunch

My favorite CSG lunch is the Thanksgiving lunch!

Favorite hangout

One of my favorite places to spend time with friends is in the Short North. There are always new restaurants to try there, and I know a lot of other CSG students like to hang out in that area.

Best part about an all-girls environment

One of my favorite things about CSG that is a result of the all-girls environment is the tight knit community. Most of our class sizes are pretty small, so it is easy to get help when you need it. Our class sizes also make it easy to build relationships with your peers and teachers, which is such a vital part of the CSG experience.

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