Roya Shahinfar ‘19

Gold Key Co-President

Journey to CSG

I came to CSG in fourth grade after attending Walnut Creek Elementary, an Olentangy school, the previous school year. My older sister Mina and I started at the same time. Although changing schools and making new friends seemed challenging to me at first, within the first week of being here I already felt like I fit in and knew I belonged. From the friendly students, to the fun teachers, incredible food, and lasting traditions throughout the school year, my fourth-grade self was more than convinced. I knew I never wanted to leave and I adjusted very easily. Coming to CSG really helped boost my class participation, time management skills, and sense of responsibility - things I tended to struggle with at my old school at that time. Now a Junior at CSG, these feelings are still the same and I am so glad and thankful my parents made that decision for me seven years ago!

Extracurricular highlights

I play field hockey at CSG and I absolutely love it! Playing a sport in general really helps with meeting new people from different grades, and I love being a part of a team. I am also an editor for Silhouette, CSG's Upper School Newspaper, and have found that it has undoubtedly helped me improve my writing and editing skills. In addition, as a member of the Student Athlete Leadership Council this year, I've learned how to be a leader and participated in discussions about new ideas to bring to each sports team.

Favorite class at CSG

My favorite class at CSG so far is AP Gov. I always look forward to having it because of the different topics we learn about and discuss. I really like my teacher Mr. McLaughlin, who is new to CSG this year, because he makes it very interesting and fun! I am excited for the rest of the year with him in this class!

Special FACULTY/staff
at CSG and why

My special faculty member at CSG would be my Chemistry teacher, Mr. Hartshorne. He always brought the right amount of challenge and fun to the class, which helped keep every student involved and focused. I really appreciated the effort he put into making sure that every student felt supported and encouraged to ask questions and speak up in class. Additionally, Mr. Hartshorne thoroughly explained each concept and kept the class engaged. He pushed me to think critically and reach my highest potential. I will miss having him as my science teacher, but I am excited for Physics with Dr. Sweeney this year!

Favorite CSG tradition

My favorite CSG Tradition is Holiday Dinner, a celebration the entire Upper School attends the day midterm exams end. I always feel so relieved and excited to be free of school and celebrate the holiday season with my classmates; it's truly the best way to start winter break! Everyone dresses up and we enjoy a night of dinner, speeches, and a fun video and song dedicated to the senior class. I am so excited for my last two holiday dinners!

Current Netflix binge

Gossip Girl, 10/10 would recommend. I have re-watched the season twice, and it never gets old!

Favorite CSG lunch

My favorite CSG lunch would have to be the grilled cheese and potatoes or pasta bar!

Favorite Bexley hangout

My favorite area in Bexley to hang out with friends is Graeter’s Ice Cream. It is within walking distance from school, and the perfect place to relax after a long day!

Best part about an all-girls environment

The best part about being in an all-girl environment for me is being able to confidently be myself. At CSG, we embrace each other's differences, support one another, comfortably display everything about ourselves, and speak up without any pressure that may come with not being in an all-girl environment. I truly believe that everything I have gained through the experience I have here will transfer with me wherever I go, and I couldn't be happier.

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