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Lauren Carmon '18

Gold Key Co-President

Journey to CSG

I attended a very small Catholic School from kindergarten until eighth grade called St. Catharine. When I was in sixth grade my sister made the decision to attend Columbus school for girls for high school. This was a very hard decision for her because it meant leaving all of her classmates and friends and starting on a different path than everyone else. The next two years while I was still at St. Catharine's and she was attending CSG, I fell in love with CSG and knew that in two years I would not be attending the local feeder school but would be following my sister. When it came time for me to make my decision of which high school I was going to attend, I knew CSG was the place for me. However, my mother and father made me look at almost every school in Columbus. They did not want me to simply follow my sister but wanted me to fall in love with the school I was choosing. So, I visited CSG along with many other schools. All of those schools were great but they were not the place for me. I loved CSG and knew that I had to go here. I loved the small class sizes, the relationships that are made with teachers, the freedom given to all students, and the aspect of the school being all girl. Looking back on it now, I am so happy that I chose to attend this amazing school.

Extracurricular highlights

I am part of varsity volleyball, swimming, and track at Columbus School for Girls. I am also part of a traveling club volleyball team. Along with sports, I am active in many of the clubs at CSG.

Favorite class at CSG

My favorite class at CSG is Honors Physics. I like the challenge that is offers and I also really love the teacher and how he makes fun labs in order for us to learn the material. I recently finished a lab called the Egg Drop Lab, where I had to use the information and equations that I had learned to drop an egg on my teacher's head from a height of twenty five feet as he was walking. My group and I hit him in the head once and on the foot once!


My favorite person at CSG is Coach Megan Henry. She has been the athletic director at CSG the whole time that I have been here. Her positive and calm demeanor has made her a great person for me to talk to and look up to. She also has so much school spirit and is the biggest fan of every single girl here, making me feel as if I always have someone who is there for me.

Favorite CSG tradition

My favorite CSG tradition is Scholarship Walk where we walk 12 miles to provide scholarships so every girl has the opportunity to attend CSG. Not only are we getting a day out of school but also get to hang out with our friends.

Current Netflix binge

When I have time to watch Netflix, I binge watch Gossip Girl!

Favorite CSG lunch

My favorite CSG lunch has to be grilled cheese and Brussel sprouts! Weird combination, but it is so good! Everything our chefs serve to us is amazing though.


My favorite after school hang out is Zen Cha. After school, my friends and I like to go to Zen Cha and get bubble teas. We drink our bubble teas and talk about our day before we all go home and start our homework or practices that we have that night.

Best part of an all-girl environment

I love attending an all-girl school. There is an unbreakable bond between each and everyone of the girls. You always feel that someone is on your side, building you up and making you feel as if there is nothing you cannot accomplish. The main thing I will take away from CSG is the courage to be an individual.

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