Haley Kuproski ‘19

Gold Key Co-President

Journey to CSG


I came to Columbus School for Girls my freshman year after attending Genoa Middle School in Westerville. After middle school I knew I wanted to be given the best opportunities but wasn’t certain of the high school I’d call home for the next four years. When my parents first suggested CSG, I did not want to consider it. I couldn’t see myself wearing a uniform, attending an all-girl school or having a unicorn for a mascot. However, my perspective began to shift when my parents had me to attend an open house – and then later when I went back to shadow a current Upper School student, my viewpoint really changed. Throughout my student visit day, I was impressed by the student-teacher engagement, all of the CSG traditions, and the overall interaction of everyone I encountered. I knew when I walked out that day that CSG was the only school I wanted to walk back into the following fall. My choice to attend CSG was the best decision I’ve ever made and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else!

Extracurricular highlights

At CSG, I play varsity volleyball and am a part of many different clubs ranging from service to badminton. I am also a part of a national club volleyball team during the winter and spring.

Favorite class at CSG

My favorite class at CSG is honors chemistry. I was so nervous going into the class because science has never been one of my favorite subjects. After the first day, however, I was so excited when I learned about the course material. It was definitely challenging but my teacher, Mr. Hartshorne, always met with me when I had questions and pushed me to work my hardest.

Special FACULTY/staff
at CSG and why

My favorite person at CSG is Profe Miller. He has been my Spanish teacher both freshmen and sophomore year. He also led a group trip to Guatemala that I was lucky enough to be a part of. On that trip he not only helped my Spanish (I can use all the help I can get!), but also showed me a culture that was completely different than my own. He truly opened my eyes to what life is like outside of our small CSG community.

Favorite CSG tradition

My favorite CSG tradition is definitely Senior Day. This is when the seniors put on a carnival in the gym for all the other students and decorate the entire school based on a theme they choose. The theme is a secret until the actual day, which is always the Friday before spring break. The best part about Senior Day is the senior skit they plan and preform as a class. I can’t wait to plan senior day with my class next year!

Current Netflix binge

Criminal Minds

Favorite CSG lunch

My favorite lunch is any day there is steamed corn or white rice.

Favorite Bexley hangout

My favorite place to hang out in Bexley has to be Starbucks. I get it almost every day either before or after school with my friends!

Best part about an all-girl environment

The best part about an all-girl environment is not having to wear makeup or do your hair. This allows girls to focus on learning at school and gain confidence in who they are both inside and outside of the classroom. CSG also offers a safe environment to voice your opinions. Before I came to CSG I can’t remember raising my hand in class unless I was forced, but now I won’t stop talking!

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