Emma Spanger, ‘22

Gold Key Co- Vice President

Journey to CSG

My journey to CSG started in 7th grade, when my dad was transferred to Columbus from Philadelphia. It was very last minute, and we were rushing to find a school to attend. Since I am one of four girls, when we asked about private schools in the area everyone always said, “Have you tried the girls school?” And my mom, who was strictly for co-ed schooling, always said it was not for us. After a poor visit at another school in Columbus, we finally decided to give CSG a shot. Immediately my family fell in love with the close-knit community here and I have never looked back since attending CSG.

Extracurricular highlights

Currently, I am involved in four varsity sports through CSG. In the fall I play soccer, then swimming and basketball in the winter, and lastly track and field in the spring. Through these team and individual sports, I have learned discipline, hard work, and good leadership skills. In addition, I am an editor on the school’s yearbook.

Favorite class at CSG

My favorite class at CSG is History, more specifically, US History. I had the privilege of taking APUSH last year, and it quickly became one of my favorite classes. Not only do I believe that I excel in the subject of history, but I also enjoyed learning about more modern concepts as the AP exam covers up to 2011. I love learning about past mistakes in history, and how we can learn from them today to not repeat them!

Special FACULTY/staff
at CSG and why

Personally, a special person at CSG is Mrs. Castro. She is a health and P.E. teacher at school, but more importantly she has been my soccer coach for the past 3 years (and counting!). Mrs. Castro has always supported me in all my endeavors on and off the soccer field. I tend to get down on myself a lot during soccer games when I make mistakes, and Mrs. Castro helps me to stay strong and continue playing to the best of my ability. She is strong, determined, kind-hearted, and well-spirited. Mrs. Castro always maintains a positive attitude even in the face of adversity, and she truly is an amazing role model to me!

Favorite CSG tradition

My favorite CSG tradition is Holiday Dinner. While we may not have one this year, holiday dinner is a very anticipated occasion honoring the seniors and their accomplishments around winter break. CSG normally rents out a large hotel dining room, and everyone dresses in fancy dresses to celebrate!

Current Netflix binge

Currently, I am bingeing Parks and Recreation one last time before it leaves Netflix :(.

Favorite CSG lunch

My favorite CSG lunch is General Tsos!

Favorite hangout

Personally, the best part of an all-girls environment is the ability to speak up in the classroom. I came from a large co-ed school, and often I felt drowned out by the boys in my classes. They tended to be very loud and almost constantly distracted the class from the topic at hand. In contrast, being at CSG enables me to feel comfortable sharing my opinions and answers in class, and the all-girl environment allows all the focus to be on education. Another positive aspect of being at CSG is the minimal boy drama and cliqueness that occurs at co-ed schools.

Best part about an all-girl environment

With all-girls, it is super easy to not worry about appearances and keep it centered around academics. The drama levels also stay to an extreme minimum! We really do become like a family. 

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