Cameron Tiefenthaler, ‘20

Gold Key Co-President


Journey to CSG

After the co-ed public school I previously attended began cutting funding for the programs that interested me, such as the accelerated classes and the arts, my parents and I began to look elsewhere.  While talking to my cousin's best friend about her experience with CSG, we were intrigued.  The minute I stepped foot on our campus, I was in love.  From the personalized interactions with students and faculty to the amazing lunch, I knew I wanted to be a unicorn.  Flash forward six years and my only regret is that I didn't find CSG sooner. 

Extracurricular highlights

When I am not studying, I love to quilt and have won several national awards for my art.  I love performing in the courtroom with my mock trial peers, or “mockicorns” as I prefer.  In addition to these, I participate in theater outside of school and love volunteering as much as possible.  

Favorite class at CSG

Although I have loved all of my classes, I'd have to choose the drawing class I took freshmen year.  Not only was the view from the art studio window incredible in the winter and spring, I learned an immense amount about different mediums and how to improve my drawing skills.  We were given the ability to choose how we approached an assignment and I loved being surrounded by upperclassmen whom I could learn from. 


This is the hardest question to answer because all of my faculty have been influential.  However, if choosing one, I would have to pick Ms. Delaney.  Although her actual title is Director of Support Services, Counseling, and Wellness, she and Mrs. O'Connor voluntarily helped me plan and execute the Empty Bowls dinner CSG hosted in 2017.  I'm so thankful for Ms. Delaney's abundant passion for service and her eagerness to always give her time to others. 

Favorite CSG tradition

My favorite tradition would have to be the Thanksgiving Program.  Some of the highlights include drinking hot cider and munching on delicious donuts, playing with the other stringed instruments during the program, listening to the adorable PYC girls sing "Over the River and Through the Woods,” and much more.  The annual program reminds me it is officially pumpkin spice and turkey season!

Current Netflix binge

Although nowadays I have very little time for binging, I do love a good Gilmore Girls episode!


To go hand-in-hand with my favorite tradition, my favorite lunch is the Thanksgiving feast we have a week before Thanksgiving Day.  From the mashed potatoes to the homemade stuffing and pumpkin pie, it is a unicorn favorite!


One of the best parts of being in an all-girls school is the freedom to be who I truly am.  I don't have to impress anyone with my looks or be afraid to ask numerous questions in class.  Being surrounded by peers who share the same love of learning as I ensures we learn the most we can while on and off campus.

Favorite AFTER SCHOOL/LOCAL hangout

Bexley has several wonderful options but my favorite is Cherbourg, a gluten and nut-free bakery on Drexel Avenue. I highly suggest trying the espresso brownies or their famous double lemon bars on your way to or from CSG!

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