Amirah Joy Lomax, ‘20

Gold Key Co-President


Journey to CSG

I went to St. Joseph Montessori School from Pre-K through 8th grade, and when the time to find a high-school came around CSG was of course one of my options. CSG honestly just had a comforting and very hospitable vibe to it, and I immediately felt welcome, even when I was just visiting. I love CSG so much, and now my younger sister is here and we are so thankful to both be in this amazing community! 

Extracurricular highlights

This fall will be my third season as a varsity field hockey team member, and I am involved in various theatre productions around Columbus.

Favorite class at CSG

My favorite class would have to be Spanish class because I have always loved the language and Dr. Miller (Profe) and Sr. Pryor have made learning Spanish so much more fun. They have introduced me to several new Spanish-speaking artists that I actually listen to outside of class! 


Ms. Woods has definitely been there for me throughout my three years as a student here. She was the first staff member I met in the Admission Office, and has been so supportive and open to my whole family. She always checks in on me, and I am so thankful to have her.

Favorite CSG tradition

I really love Holiday Dinner because it is so unique to our community. I love seeing the seniors all dressed up, and watching the slideshow they create documenting their time from PYC to Upper School! 

Current Netflix binge

I love superheroes, so I am always keeping up with The Flash (my favorite next to Spider-man).


I went to a coed school before CSG, and it was fun - but I didn't realize that being at an all-girls school would be so much MORE fun. Although many incorrectly assume there would be more “drama” at a girls school, the drama actually happens far less between us girls at CSG. It is such a relaxing environment for me because I feel like I do not have to hold anything back and can be who I truly am.

Favorite AFTER SCHOOL/LOCAL hangout

I love going to the Short North and walking around and get food and go into the cute galleries and stores! 

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