Program for Young Children

Please complete the following steps to apply to:

3/4 Year Old Class (for girls who turn 3 by August 1)
4/5 Year Old Class (for girls who turn 4 by August 1)
5/6 Year Old Class (for girls who turn 5 by August 1)

Application Form

Complete the application for admission online, and submit it with a $50 application fee. Click here to access the application.

Parent Meeting

Call the Office of Admission at 614.252.0781 ext. 442 to schedule a parent meeting with an admission director. We look forward to learning more about your daughter and helping you get to know CSG during this meeting. Please allow one hour and fifteen minutes for your parent meeting, which includes a tour of campus.

Parent Questionnaire

Student Visit

Applicants to the PYC are scheduled for a group visit on a Saturday morning Visit Day beginning in January. We will contact you to schedule this visit after we receive your application.

Teacher Recommendation

Give the teacher recommendation form to your daughter’s current teacher or child care provider after November 1st to ensure the teacher has time to get to know her. The teacher should send the recommendation form directly to CSG's Office of Admission. If your daughter does not attend school, please ask an adult (outside the family) who knows her well to complete the recommendation form.