Lower School

Lower school student answering question at csg

Please complete the following steps to apply:

Application Form

Complete the application for admission online and submit it with an application fee of $50. Click here to apply online.

Parent Questionnaire

Parent Meeting

Call the Office of Admission at 614-252-0781, ext. 442 to schedule a parent meeting with an admission director. We look forward to learning more about your daughter and helping you get to know CSG during this meeting. Please allow one hour and fifteen minutes for your parent meeting, which includes a tour of campus.

Student Visit

Applicants to Lower School spend part of a school day at CSG in the classroom with their potential peers. Call the Office of Admission to schedule your daughter’s visit day. Go here for more information about your child's visit to CSG.


Applicants to Forms I and II will complete age-appropriate assessments with a teacher during their visit.

Applicants to Forms III-IV take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) during their classroom visit. We will send you individual registration information after your daughter's visit is scheduled. Form V applicants take the ISEE at a scheduled testing date. Please review test dates and register your daughter for this assessment online or by calling (800) 989-3721.

Teacher Recommendation

Sign the recommendation form and give it to your daughter’s current teacher after November 1 so that the teacher has time to get to know her. The teacher should send the recommendation form directly to CSG Admission Office.

Form for students entering Form I: teacher recommendation

Form for students entering Form II-V: teacher recommendation

School Records

Please sign the Transcript Release form, and give to your daughter’s school office. The school should send your daughter's records directly to the CSG Office of Admission. Be sure they include a copy of this year’s most recent grading period.