International Students

Columbus School for Girls accepts international students who have a solid command of English skills to handle our rigorous curriculum. While we require all of our domestic students to visit our campus for a personal interview, we will accommodate international students who live outside the country with a Skype or telephone interview.


  • Division-specific application, copy of birth certificate, and $50 application fee
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Student and Parent Questionnaires
  • Math and English teacher recommendations
  • Transcripts, including course descriptions
  • Personal interview by Skype or telephone
  • Test results:
    • Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). For more information on international test locations, please visit
    • TOEFL


Does the school locate host families for international students?
No. Typically our international students have relatives or family friends who live in Columbus. Final enrollment is contingent upon satisfactory living arrangements.

When do most international students come to CSG?
Most of our international students come to CSG for high school and graduate from CSG. It is preferred that a student starts as a freshman and stays four years through her senior year. However, some international students transfer as a sophomore or junior. We do not accept international students as a senior.

Is there an ESL (English as Second Language) program?
Columbus School for Girls does not have an official ESL program so English fluency is a requirement for admission. International students will only be considered if they possess excellent English skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We highly encourage our international students to consistently visit the Upper School Writing Center to help enhance her English writing skills.

Does the school issue I-20 forms for international students?
Yes. After acceptance and enrollment, the school will process an I-20 for the student.

Are international families eligible for financial aid?
Columbus School for Girls does not offer financial aid to our international students. For more information regarding tuition and payment options, please visit the "Affording CSG ” page.