Modern & Classical Languages

At CSG, we recognize the importance of students' proficiency in other languages and teaching our students to be globally literate. To that end, we have made learning a second language part of our core curriculum. The three languages taught at CSG are Spanish, Mandarin, and Latin.

Spanish is integrated into the curriculum beginning in Form I. In Form VI, students begin to receive formal instruction in Spanish related to grammar and vocabulary. After three years of Middle School Spanish, students enter Upper School well prepared to take Spanish II. While Spanish is generally studied by all Form VI students, in Form VII students may elect to either continue to study Spanish or start to take Mandarin. 

Spanish, Mandarin, and Latin are options in Form IX. In the Upper School, taking three years of a second language is required for graduation, and many students take two languages. Classroom emphasis, in both Middle and Upper School, is on teaching language skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) as well as culture, history, and literature. Additional languages, such as French and Italian, may be offered in the Upper School for independent study. To further promote global literacy as a departmental (and school-wide) goal, CSG encourages students to travel and study abroad annually. Recent destinations include Spain, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile, China, Germany, and Italy.