The History Department offers courses in several areas of history and in the allied social sciences. The history curriculum seeks to promote reflective thinking and values education. More specifically, the curriculum emphasizes the following themes and subject areas: geography and geopolitical analysis, global interrelationships, historical change and continuity, the historical contributions of women to world civilizations, the challenges of citizenship, and individual moral responsibility. Instruction emphasizes the development of skills necessary to develop a critical understanding of the diversity of global cultures and the issues confronting the world at large. These skills include the application of logic in constructing written analytical arguments, effective oral communication, an understanding of chronological relationships, note-taking and outlining skills, independent research, and the effective use of library research and information technology.

Required Classes
3 Full Years of History, Including World History, United States History, and Civics or AP U.S. Government/Comparative Government and Politics

Optional Classes
Political Science, Topics in International Relations, World Religions, Modern Asian History, Philosophy, Economics, Film and Historical Truth, and AP European History