When students walk into any English course, they are challenged to think critically, communicate effectively, and deepen their love of language and literature. By featuring a combination of classical works and texts by diverse authors, we expose students to the literary canon and develop their empathy for people who are different from them. In addition, our emphasis on class discussion and individual collaboration with teachers helps students build their confidence to fully participate in class and eventually meet with college professors.

Across the US English curriculum, students read for comprehension and engagement and adapt their writing according to audience and purpose.

  • In Form IX, students practice a broad range of writing activities that introduce them to the modes of writing emphasized in college composition courses.

  • In Form X American Literature, students read canonical and contemporary works to enhance their understanding of U.S. history and culture.

  • In Form XI British Literature, students practice reading medieval through modern texts and also synthesize their research in analytical papers.

  • In Form XII, students choose from a variety of one-semester courses that allow them to explore different genres and literary periods.