At CSG, the Science Department uses an inquiry approach to learning by using cooperative experiences to engage students in lab activities and experiments. When given a problem, students identify variables and develop procedures. They perform tests, collect, and analyze data, and make charts and graphs to help formulate conclusions. Students experience guided inquiry where they are given a set of objectives, a set of safe websites for them to explore, and a rubric to clarify the expectations beyond the traditional laboratory experience. In advanced courses, students experience true inquiry approach. They are given a problem and resources to utilize to design and conduct experiments to test their hypothesis. As a summative assessment, students present their findings in post-inquiry sessions with peer review.

The Science Department strives to help students:

  1. Realize that science is fascinating, fun, and rewarding.
  2. Understand that scientific discovery is an ongoing, ever broadening, self-correcting search for answers, and that any one discovery leads to further questions and experimentation rather than an absolute or ultimate truth.
  3. Appreciate how the cooperative nature of the current scientific enterprise works and be able to make clear judgments regarding their roles in the today's technological and competitive world.
  4. Learn the fundamental facts, concepts, laboratory, and reasoning skills that are basic to further formal study in the individual scientific disciplines.