The Mathematics Department at Columbus School for Girls is committed to a core college preparatory curriculum that reflects the mandates set forth by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in “Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for Teaching Mathematics.” Mathematics must be ever developing so that students continually expand their understanding of mathematical concepts in both breadth and depth as they progress through middle school and upper school. We strive to maintain a balance between skills and concepts, the concrete and the abstract, intuition and formalism, structure and problem solving, and induction and deduction. At CSG, both the teaching and the study of mathematics remain responsive to our understanding of the quickly growing area of advanced computing technology.

The goals of the Mathematics Department are that all students learn to value mathematics, apply mathematical techniques confidently, skillfully, and accurately, reason mathematically, use mathematical reasoning as a problem solving tool when appropriate, communicate mathematically, and become efficient users of modern technology. Students are encouraged to seek and to accept appropriate challenges as they pursue their mathematics education.

Form VI Math

Students in Form VI continue their study of mathematics within the Math in Focus/Singapore Math framework. They learn and practice concepts through problem-solving and hands-on activities at every opportunity. Emphasizing communication skills alongside of their mathematics acquisition, students in Form VI explore mathematics using a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression to anchor acquisition skills in real-world, hands-on experiences, supported by seamless integration of technology with the use of eBooks, Interactive Whiteboard activities, online student activities, online manipulatives, and a bar modeling application.

Form VII Math

Students in Form VII synthesize their problem-solving skills, knowledge of mathematical rules and algorithms, and then begin to address the foundational concepts of algebra. The Pre-Algebra curriculum focuses students’ attention on real number and variable expressions, equations, proportions, and inequalities, on both plane and solid geometry, and on measures of central tendency and concepts in statistics and probability.

Form VIII Math

Students in Form VIII advance to the study of Algebra I, the entry-level mathematics course in the Upper School mathematics curriculum. Algebra I is an in-depth course in the study of algebra which provides the essential foundation for all further study of mathematics at the Upper School level. Students study operations with polynomial, rational, and radical expressions; factoring; solving linear, quadratic, absolute value, rational and radical equations, inequalities and systems; and linear and quadratic functions and their graphs. Emphasis is placed on development of algebraic computational and problem-solving skills. Students are introduced to graphing technology.