Health & Physical Education

The Middle School Health program helps students learn to achieve and maintain a physically and mentally balanced life. The vision of this curriculum is to instill responsible decision-making skills in various areas related to health, expands students’ knowledge through discussion in a safe educational forum, and exposes students to age-appropriate health related topics. The health curriculum provides each student with the skills and knowledge necessary to make healthy choices in the present and future years. Middle School Health is a graded course that meets three times each six-day rotation for one quarter.

The objective of the Middle School Physical Education program is for students to engage in physical activities that meet the need for self-expression, challenge, social interaction, and enjoyment.Fitness is a key component within each Physical Education class throughout the middle school program therefore, the Wellness Center is utilized on a regular basis. Students are in the pool for one quarter of the school year, participating in a different aspect of swimming andwater activities in each form. Students have the opportunity to be outside during physical education class at Kirk Campus whether it be playing tennis, soccer, or running on the track and trails. All girls in Forms VI, VII, and VIII have physical education twice out of the six-day rotation for eighty minutes over the course of the entire school year.