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This is Middle School…

We are

  • Taking safe and healthy risks

  • Discovering our voices and passions

  • Building confidence and individuality

  • Growing intellectually and emotionally

  • Uncovering our potential

In Middle School, students cultivate a strong sense of self by embracing opportunities and taking chances. 

Middle School provides a safe environment for students to try and sometimes fail. The experience ultimately helps them build resilience and gain a deeper understanding of their studies and of themselves.

Middle School is about possibilities that help us flourish.

Our block schedule lets students dig into their subjects. Core academic classes meet every other day. The format allows middle schoolers more time in the classroom to problem solve and collaborate with other students and their teachers.

MS students in theater

Students build confidence while sharpening vital skills for high school, college, and beyond. 

Whether they’re in drama or science class, students are learning they will not (nor should they) get everything right the first time. They are thinking critically about what they’re designing in sketchbooks and on computer screens. They are learning to be leaders in the classroom and on the athletic field. They are learning that their struggles don’t define them—mistakes are part of growth.

Students foster community and individuality.

Our Advisory program gives students the opportunity to meet every other day with faculty and small groups of around 12 students. Learning everything from social and emotional skills to organizing and executive functioning skills, students nurture healthy habits and create a strong sense of community.

In Middle School, students see sights, make memories, and take risks outside the classroom. 

Annual trips are an important part of the Middle School curriculum. Form VI participates in a series of day trips to foster team building. Form VII visits The Ohio State University’s Stone Lab at Lake Erie, where students hone their science skills. In their last year of Middle School, Form VIII students take a trip to Washington D.C., taking in the rich political and cultural atmosphere that can be found in our nation’s capital.

From time management to critical thinking and reasoning, students are sharpening vital skills necessary for Upper School and beyond. 

In Middle School, one of the most important questions students answer is “Why?” Students are learning that backing their answers up with evidence matters just as much as the answers themselves. They’re problem solving and self analyzing. They’re taking academic projects from a thesis statement to a final draft. They’re spending more time in front of the class than their teachers. Students move into Upper School as advocates of their own learning, taking responsibility for the path their education takes, in and out of the classroom.