Middle School


Middle School Students and Teacher

Boundless energy and enthusiasm; that’s what you feel when you walk through the hallways and classrooms of Columbus School for Girls' Middle School. This is a place where girls flourish and joyfully embrace opportunities for academic, social and emotional growth. And it is what makes this time at Columbus School for Girls so special.

During their middle school years, girls go through the most profound intellectual and emotional growth since they were toddlers, learning to walk and talk. Throughout this period of personal discovery, CSG provides a safe environment where girls are encouraged to embrace new opportunities, take risks, and cultivate resilience by trying, failing, and trying again.

Middle School teachers take special pleasure in helping students make the transitions maturity requires of them. They support their individual needs and encourage each girl’s explorations of the unknown, where hidden talents lie awaiting the chance to be celebrated. The Middle School curriculum challenges and encourages in equal measure. Classes balance creative and skill-related activities, stress critical thinking, and encourage openness to different perspectives. Self-directed, project-based learning, strong leadership development, and a push to think big and bold, help our students develop their thinking skills and prepare them for success in Upper School and college.

In addition to the rich, full curriculum and extracurricular activities, girls grow through Advisory, a cornerstone of the Middle School. In small groups, with the guidance of a teacher, girls learn to grapple with issues such as conflict resolution, time management, study skills, and how to be an active and productive citizen. Assembly programming and service learning offer opportunities to broaden horizons and to discover ways to contribute to the school, local, and global communities. CSG’s girls are eager to apply their energy and ideas to making positive impacts on the world.

The Middle School at CSG is a dynamic, spirited community, where girls build confidence, prepare for future academic success, and seek a life with no boundaries. Our work is greatly enhanced by strong school and family partnerships and we welcome your support, your questions, and your presence in our hallways and classrooms.

Pam Hartshorne
Director of Middle School