Form IV

Experience and responsibility are key words for Form IV. During the school year, the girls travel the state as we focus on our studies of Ohio. Visiting historic and natural sites throughout Ohio provides opportunities for the students to observe and experience the state’s history and environment and to use real places as primary sources for research. These educational travel experiences, along with classroom lessons, provide opportunities for the girls to write in various modes including letters, persuasive essays, and paragraph reflections; incorporate mathematical concepts; encourage predictions and comparisons; articulate opinions, ideas, and concepts; and interact with professionals within the greater community and among Form IV classmates.

Form IV is the perfect grade for students to learn the value of responsibility and develop a greater sense of autonomy. We teach responsibility for home and class assignments through the use of a daily planner, which allows the girls to organize themselves for both short and long-term assignments. Students discover how to resolve the situation if they forget an assignment. Throughout the school year, students in Form IV learn to persevere and take risks in their continuing quest to become critical thinkers. By using strategies that develop the whole child academically, socially, and personally, teachers augment the knowledge and skills essential for developing each CSG Form IV student into a confident and capable woman who is a lifelong learner.