Lower School


Elementary School Teacher

In the Lower School, girls skip down the halls laughing with friends, ask questions in class for clarification, and demonstrate a keen curiosity for the world around them. Academically, elementary school students are encouraged to think outside the box, delve deeper, and think critically about the authentic student work they are completing. In each class, inquiry-based learning ensures that they are the constructors of their own learning and not just the receivers of information. CSG’s strong curriculum programming includes integration of the Singapore math program, Math in Focus, language arts, and social studies in the homeroom classroom with seven additional classes that are taught by content experts. These classes include Technology, Science, Spanish, Art, Library, General Music, Instrumental Music, and Physical Education. Through a close collaboration, teachers in all content areas plan curriculum together, to provide a strong foundation of skills and breadth of content.

As an elementary school student, it is important that the girls support one another and embrace each person’s individuality. Throughout their school experiences, Lower School students are engaged in conversations about the value of their voice and the essential communication tools needed to respectfully engage with their peers. Our hope is that each girl feels empowered to speak out knowing that she is surrounded by a caring community.

We also offer student-centered leadership opportunities within clubs, intramural sports, and project work with outside organizations, etc. to engage the girls in authentic experiences that develop risk-taking and resilience. Our students believe in being a strong girl in the world and to strive to make their community locally and globally a better place.

Like most everything in life, the growth and development of each girl is not a destination—it’s a journey. As teachers, we cherish the time we spend helping your daughter reach her distinctive potential.

Betsy Gugle
Director of Lower School