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The Center for Mathematical Reasoning under the Institute for Innovation & Leadership
Stephen Lewis

Meet the Director

As Director of the Center for Mathematical Reasoning (CMR), Dr. Stephen Lewis collaborates with partners such as industry professionals, university faculty, and CSG alumnae to develop unique projects and programming. Stephen joined CSG last school year as Upper School Mathematics Teacher. Over the course of his career, he has served as math teacher at a variety of grade schools and has worked in various capacities at The Ohio State University and Marietta College, including as adjunct faculty.

About the CMR Program

The Center for Mathematical Reasoning (CMR) offers unparalleled benefits to students at Columbus School for Girls. Within the associated activities of this center, students will understand the power and beauty of mathematics in helping to solve problems in real life.

Associated activities will augment students’ instructional experiences by offering opportunities for them to engage with industry professionals who use mathematics in their work. Through programs and projects offered via the center, students will better understand what mathematics is and what mathematicians do, appreciate how unique cultures have contributed to mathematics development both locally and globally, and finally, better understand the global utility of mathematics. Experiential learning opportunities and unique classroom projects will help students understand the utility of mathematics in its applications such as economics, finance, hard sciences, engineering, and computer science. 

Students will learn to appreciate the beauty of being able to describe the world and its patterns using mathematical notation and come to understand how mathematics can be used to help in making decisions and staying informed in an ever-changing world. Programming offered through the CMR will provide students with the foundational skills needed for critical thinking and problem solving. 

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Save the Date

  • Our student-led Peer and Near Peer Math Tutoring Center is now open!
  • We celebrated our 125th day of school on April 2 with a Math Scavenger Hunt
  • On May 17, as part of our Big/Little Sister program, pairs of students went on an adventurous Math Walk together.