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Corey Baker

Meet the Director

As the Director of the Center for Equity & Belonging (CEB), Corey Baker embeds DEIB elective experiences in each form across divisions and provides opportunities for speakers and programming that contribute to CSG’s culture of belonging. This is Corey’s third year at CSG, where he serves as Director of Library Services. Corey also represents the Upper School on the DEIB Committee and serves as the faculty advisor for the Beauty of African American Culture Club.

About the CEB Program

Columbus School for Girls celebrates diversity and is committed to becoming a more equitable and inclusive community in which all members feel safe, connected, and respected.

To further the institution’s DEIB commitments, the Center for Equity and Belonging (CEB) develops and supports opportunities for students to learn about themselves, their classmates, and their communities.

The CEB works with classroom teachers as they implement culturally relevant curriculum and with school leaders as they organize large-scale culture presentations and reflections. Finally, the Center works with students as they explore extracurricular experiences that grow their understanding of the different cultures present across the central Ohio region.

By participating in programming offered through the CEB, your daughter will celebrate her own life experiences and affirm those of her classmates, gain a better understanding of coursework and of people by taking in different points of view, discover the many facets of our very diverse city, and feel more confident interacting in a wider range of social groups. As she learns more about other people’s experiences, she will develop a greater capacity for seeing from perspectives outside her own. 

By exploring this Center, you will...






Center Highlights

  • Students participated this past January in our all-school heritage dinner, a Cultural Potluck, to explore different kinds of cuisine from members of our CSG community.  
  • Over Spring Break, the Center for Equity and Belonging hosted a Spring Break Dance Camp for Forms III-XII featuring a variety of cultural dance styles, such as K-pop, Bollywood, Salsa, Folklórico, Irish Step, Folk, and West African.