Distance Learning: Upper School

May 26, 2020

May Program in the Age of Digital Learning

May Program at Columbus School for Girls provides students with the opportunity to explore exciting topics not traditionally found in our school curriculum. You know learning looks different in May Program. This quarter at CSG, learning has looked very different in general! Because we aren’t able to hold our traditional program his year, faculty developed a list of activities and experiences directly related to the planned 2020 options.  Each experience was grouped by our Core Competencies: Communicate Effectively, Think Analytically, Seek Balance & Wellness, Lead Confidently, Think Globally, and Solve Problems creatively. 

This week, students are finishing up these experiences and posting them to their Advisory “Padlet.” Students examined architecture, recreated famous art, identified tree species, shared pre-workout meals and recipes, and mapped their runs!  Click here to see examples of Ms. Miranda’s advisory experiences!

Upper School Distance Learning Archive