Distance Learning: Lower School

May 26, 2020

Online Portfolios and Family/Teacher Conferences

During distance learning this spring, the Lower School teachers and students worked diligently to capture work samples that best demonstrated learning and growth over the last 2 months through digital portfolios or journals (depending on the Form).  As we structured our end-of-year conferences, we found it incredibly valuable to have the students’ voice in the conversation.  Our first family/teacher conferences began last week with the students sharing their own insights and reflections on their strengths, as well as their goals for growth in the coming year.  What a powerful way to let them know that their voice matters and allow them time to pause and reflect on the year. For a sample Form I portfolio from Mrs. Blackwell’s class, click here


Forms III, IV and V Students Program in Scratch

In Computer Science students programmed projects in Scratch, a powerful block based programming language. Check out these multimedia projects where students designed, coded, debugged, and refined their whimsical animations, games and stories.

Panda Girl at Lillian’s House by Samantha Kemper, Form IV, is one of a series of “Panda Girl” projects that Sam completed during distance learning.


Interrupting Cat Joke and Hero Game by Casey Brockway, Form III will make you LOL. Casey has worked diligently during distance learning to improve her coding, starting with a basic speech bubble project in March about cat breeds and persevering through problem solving and debugging to program a superhero catching game.



Emily Killian’s (Form IV) message for the CSG Community for a Happy Summer of Social Distancing


Music or Sports by Sydney Poindexter, Form V combines well timed coding of music and a ball catching game.


Velma V Unbeatable by Simone Dean, Form IV has an exciting story progression with hand drawn fire that is coded to disappear slowly.


Forms IV & V Participate in Photography Project to Document Time at Home.

Form IV & V continued to develop photography skills with a second photography project. We  began the project by looking at work of  photojournalists who are currently documenting communities during Covid. Many of the images depict families in doorways, rooftop scenes, and empty streets.  Students were then asked to reflect on their life experiences at home and brainstorm possible visual images that represent life for a 10-11 year old.  

Life In Quarantine Photo Project


Life in Quarantine (3).jpgLife in Quarantine (2).jpgLife in Quarantine (1).jpg

Life in Quarantine.jpg

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