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Distance learning at CSG

Four walls have never defined learning at Columbus School for Girls. Whether they are spending a week at our nature preserve, Cynthia’s Woods, or completing an off-campus internship through our signature May Program, the idea that students can and should be able to learn without limits has always been essential to meeting our mission of empowering girls to discover their distinct potential as learners and leaders. 

Our digital learning approach includes synchronous and asynchronous learning at all levels, age three to grade 12. Teachers and students engage in deep discussion, exchange ideas, and dive into the project-based learning that is inherent to our on-campus academic program. Lesson plans and activities are developed specifically for the digital learning space and are pedagogically rich, adhering to the achievement of CSG’s Core Competencies. 

Student well-being is paramount to academic success no matter what the circumstances. While students are physically distant, it is important that they are socially strong and connected. During periods where digital and blended learning are necessary, our social-emotional curriculum continues, including our Advisory Program, supportive services, Physical Education classes, and wellness activities. Special programs and assemblies that are such an important part of the CSG’s traditions are modified and conducted virtually.

We make a promise at CSG that each girl will know her power. Our virtual learning program upholds that commitment by being responsive to students' needs, reliable in maintaining a continuity of learning, and rich in best practice. 

Our IT team has provided some excellent information and recommendations in order to overcome these hurdles. Click here for recommended speeds for internet, routers, and some tips for ensuring a solid connection during live Zoom meetings. We hope you find this information helpful.

Principles of Virtual Learning at CSG:

Innovative academic program. Excellent teaching and learning has always been at the core of a CSG experience. That includes being nimble and responsive to the circumstances that come our way. Autonomy in teaching gives our faculty the regular practice, ability, and creativity to do what it takes to maintain the continuity of learning at all times. 

Strong student-teacher relationships. CSG students are known by their teachers. These already established and enduring relationships are what have helped us to maintain connection even with physical distance.

Voice and choice. CSG students are accustomed to asking for what they need, voicing their opinions, and partnering with adults to direct their own learning. Surveying students and parents and responding to the feedback has been fundamental to the refinement of our virtual learning program in real time and for the future. 

Adequate technology infrastructure.  CSG is 1-to-1 with devices program for students in Forms I through Form XII ensures that each student has access to a laptop, iPad, or Chromebook. This access assured the continuity of learning throughout this unexpected shift to remote learning. That, along with an understanding of and consideration for what is a developmentally appropriate use of devices and screen time, has always guided how we incorporate technology in the classroom. That remains true as students learn at home. 

A strong sense of community. To be a student, parent, teacher, staff member, or alumna of CSG is to be a member of a community. That connection between members of the CSG community has helped us to overcome social distance in a way that is not only necessary during this time, but also comforting and fortifying.  

By clicking the links at the bottom of this page, you will see examples that show we are envisioning education far beyond our current constraints. You can also watch the videos below to hear from our Upper School Students on their experiences with distance learning at CSG.

Happy learning, leading, and connecting!



Hear about the CSG distance learning experience from Upper School Students.

Cameron Tiefenthaler '20

Amirah Lomax '20

Sydney Anderson '21

Sophia Koffler '21



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