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Core Competencies

Columbus School for Girls has been educating girls for over 120 years. 

Our passionate teachers know how to best educate girls and young women. Crafting academically rigorous curricula that reflect the latest research in cognitive science, classroom practice, and learning theory, CSG faculty are experts in their respective disciplines. They provide engaging learning experiences that ensure each girl reaches her full potential as a learner and as a leader.

CSG provides a cohesive, developmentally appropriate curriculum that takes into account the needs of each division (Program for Young Children and Lower-, Middle-, and Upper Schools) while providing a sequence of skills and instilling academic habits of mind that spiral through the School.

At CSG, students...
MS student practicing theater performance
Lead Confidently

Students exhibit integrity, honesty, fairness, and respect with the well-being of themselves and the larger community in mind.

Think Globally

Students employ informed and diverse perspectives to shape their interactions with ideas, individuals, and situations.

PYC student with colored pencil
Solve Problems Creatively

Students draw from many disciplines to define problems and design innovative responses and solutions.

Communicate Effectively

Students express ideas confidently and clearly in oral, visual, and written forms. 

US student assembling project in anatomy class
Think Analytically

Students gather and use evidence to analyze, draw conclusions, and support ideas.

MS student in art class
Seek Balance & Wellness

Students engage in healthy social, emotional, and physical behaviors.

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