Ashley Harris '13

Spelman College '17
Psychology Major
12 Years at CSG

Laying the foundation for success

CSG helped foster my independence and academic success. Being in a rigorous academic setting like CSG allowed me to be challenged and gain the necessary skills to solve any problem with which I am confronted. The CSG community supports a holistic approach in promoting academic excellence, while still emphasizing the importance of humility and community service. After my time at CSG I was able to confidently say that I was equipped with the strength and grace it would take to continue in my life.

Beyond the Classroom

After attending CSG for twelve years the faculty members become more than just your teachers; they become role models, mentors, and like family. The invaluable experiences I gained at CSG were both in and outside of the classroom. I was involved in, and later became the president of, the Beauty of the African American Culture Club, an organization that helps encourage racial awareness, equality, and community service. I was also a member of Joy Club, a club in which Christian students are openly able to discuss their faith. In high school I also played basketball and, in my off seasons, I was involved in a student internship with the athletic trainer.

Finding a College Home

The CSG College Counseling Office helped me to achieve my goal of being able to attend Spelman College. Before entering the search for my perfect college home I already knew that I wanted to attend Spelman College. The College Counseling Office helped fine-tune my application in order to ensure that I had the best chance of being admitted. Along with that, they also helped to broaden my college search, giving other great options to which I could apply. The College Counseling Office made the college application process as smooth as possible.

Future Plans

I have one more year at Spelman College and I will graduate with a B.A. in Psychology with a concentration in mental health. After graduation I plan to attend graduate school to get my master’s degree in either clinical psychology or social work. I aspire to own my own practice as a therapist.