2019-2020 Curricular Changes

Crafting an academically inspiring curriculum that reflects the latest research in cognitive science, classroom practice, and learning theory is a continuous effort at CSG. For the past several months, the faculty and staff have looked closely at our current offerings and explored our opportunities for growth. Ultimately, each decision puts us closer to our strategic goal of enhancing our excellent academic program and creating a robust, empowered teaching community of excellence.

The Core Competencies of each CSG Student

Communicate Effectively
Students express ideas confidently and clearly in oral, visual, and written forms.  

Think Analytically
Students gather and use evidence to analyze, draw conclusions, and support ideas.

Seek Balance & Wellness
Students engage in healthy social, emotional, and physical behaviors.

Lead Confidently
Students exhibit integrity, honesty, fairness, and respect with the well-being of themselves and the larger community in mind.

Think Globally
Students employ informed and diverse perspectives to shape their interactions with ideas, individuals, and situations.

Solve Problems Creatively
Students draw from many disciplines to define problems and design innovative responses and solutions.

Faculty and Staff Updates

Learn more about new faculty and staff.