upper school student studying biology

Columbus School for Girls has been educating girls for over 100 years. Our passionate teachers know how to best educate girls and young women. Crafting an academically rigorous curriculum that reflects the latest research in cognitive science, classroom practice, and learning theory, CSG faculty are experts in their respective disciplines. They provide engaging learning experiences that ensure each girl reaches her full potential as a learner and as a citizen. Also with an average student-teacher ratio of 8:1, our faculty are able to personalize the learning experience for each student.

Divided into four academic divisions, the Program for Young Children (PYC), three-year-olds through kindergarten; the Lower School, Forms I-V; the Middle School, Forms VI-VIII; and the Upper School, Forms IX-XII—CSG provides a cohesive, developmentally appropriate curriculum that takes into account the needs of each division while providing a sequence of skills and instilling academic habits of mind that spiral through the School.

From the very beginning of their CSG experience, students internalize the notion that their ideas matter. They are encouraged to think critically, to express and defend their ideas, and to dig deeply as they pursue knowledge. Opportunities to develop academic skills are enhanced by a course of study that is interdisciplinary and inquiry-based. The PYC, for example, harnesses the natural curiosity of our youngest students and uses their passions and interests to guide the curriculum, while building a foundation of developmental skills and competencies. The Lower School provides students with the academic tools they need to be effective learners while enhancing the contained classroom experience with such courses as Junior Achievement—a financial literacy and entrepreneurial class—and opportunities to explore robotics. A humanities course in the middle school allows students to deepen crucial reasoning, reading, and writing skills across history and English curricula, allowing teachers to reinforce these skills across dual content areas. CSG’s Upper School allows students to dig deeply into traditional academic disciplines. Offering 20 honors and AP courses, the Upper School also offers unique electives such as a senior seminar and a month-long intensive “May Program.”

In addition, CSG supports the development of healthy young women by providing a robust health and wellness program and many co-curricular opportunities. An extensive advisory and wellness program engages CSG girls in yoga and mindfulness, and ensures that each student develops the foundation for a healthy lifestyle by examining the societal pressures that adolescents face and exploring ways to mitigate the effects of those pressures.

Columbus School for Girls also has long endeavored to infuse an ethic of service and sense of community, civic, and global responsibility in all the girls; and students in every division of the school participate in service learning activities, trips, and classes. The numerous service learning opportunities in which the girls engage from pre-school through graduation are designed to prepare CSG students to be informed, resourceful, responsible, compassionate, generous, and—above all—active citizens in their community—whether local or global.