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For 125 years, CSG students have been thinking critically, expressing and defending their opinions, and digging deeply to pursue knowledge. Here, students develop the tools they need to excel in the classroom and beyond.


Age 3 - Kindergarten

Where we harness the natural curiosity of our youngest students, using their passions and interests to guide the curriculum

Lower School

1st - 5th Grade

Where we provide students with the academic tools they need to be inspired explorers and lovers of knowledge


6th - 8th Grade

Where we help students take risks, develop resiliency, and find themselves in a curriculum that prioritizes creativity, critical thinking, and project-based learning


9th - 12th Grade

Where students can participate in a robust curriculum that prepares them for college and beyond



Our CurriculumExplore our interactive curriculum guide to learn about specific course offerings.

Core CompetenciesExplore the foundational skills that set each student up for success.


College CounselingExplore how our individualized process helps students find the best fit for their future.

Academic SupportExplore how we work with students to help them overcome challenges.